The interior of a small kitchen

The interior of a small loft-style kitchen


Loft is not only a style whose applicationrelevant in the conditions of industrial premises and large scale. Even the interior of a small kitchen can be based on this direction and be a stylistic gem in the context of the overall design. To understand how to implement such ideas, let's turn to the advice of professionals. Evgenia Lykasova, architect Best forThis will suit an illustrative example, represented by a truly small kitchen, whose shape and size are more like a rectangular box. The idea of ​​creating just such a design was the desire of customers to break existing stereotypes and saturate the future image with such elements as metal and brick, bringing it as close as possible to the desired style, which, in fact, was a loft. Of course, a modest apartment, which has, to put it mildly, an unsuccessful layout, which includes non-standard design solutions, did not contribute to the ideal end result, but, as is known, there are no restrictions for creative thought. Furniture, which at the initial layout was along one wall, had to be immediately removed. The reason for this action was simple to banal, since in its original form the kitchen looked more like a corridor than a place to cook and eat. Create a stylish, ergonomic and comfortablein every sense of the room, it was decided through the use of techniques such as changing the geometry of the existing space. Due to the U-shaped kitchen managed to be divided into zones. On the one hand, all the kitchen furniture was installed, and the other side was set up as a dining room, in which a fashionable table that accommodates all family members, ensured a comfortable stay at any meals and friendly get-togethers. This technique allowed the kitchen space to look visually less narrow. The combination of colors in the interior is anothera way to make the zoning of the room, which is mainly carried out due to the competent arrangement of pieces of furniture. The dark blue color in the interior, which was used to decorate the walls at the dining table, clearly denotes the dining area. The color of the brick, which was used in the design, also plays an important role. The decoration of the kitchen window with the adjacent space, which is located in the area of ​​the far wall, was made using dark colors. In turn, long walls are carriers of white. This color composition, together with the dark blue dining area, creates a special visual effect that changes the perception of the kitchen, transforming it from a rectangular box into an almost perfect square. It is worth noting that a small strip of dark brick located along one of the long walls does not carry the function of repeating the technique with which the window was decorated, thereby connecting these two components. On the contrary, this element helps, which includes a functional and dining space. Do not think that the fundamental detail behindthe account of the use of which the image was formed in is brick. The barn door, various metal fasteners, transparent shades, special drawers, and, of course, the SMEG refrigerator made in retro style are additional factors, the presence of which could predetermine the direction of the formed design. The use of a kitchen apron made of tempered glass is a very successful design solution. This element is good in that it does not discord in any way and does not have any other negative impact on the original concept of the interior, formed in such difficult conditions. Categories: Places: • • • • •

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