The interior of small rooms

The interior of a small living room-bedroom and other dual-purpose rooms

The popularity of huge houses and spaciousapartments over. Currently, many people choose compact, but at the same time beautiful and functional apartments, which are distinguished by intelligent design and high practicality. One of the secrets of transforming a small apartment or cottage is to combine two functions in one room. This solution allows to increase the efficiency of space use, visually increase the area and fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth. Today, we will present to your attention 15 ideas for the design of such apartments, which may become your inspiration for renovating your own home.

Intellectual dining

Currently available separate libraryfor many householders it is not so important. In the following example, the interior design of the dining room was complemented by open bookshelves, which gave it a classic and elegant look. Dining Room by Tim Cuppett Architects ShelvingThe literature in the room does not need to be embedded. You can choose to equip them with simple low headsets installed along one or two walls. Fusion Dining Room

Multifunctional laundry

The presence of the economic room in the apartment itselfto yourself is a luxury. Combine this space with your home office or creative workshop. Notice how practical and superbly the desk was equipped next to appliances and ironing board. Laundry by Sarah Susanka, FAIA This is a laundrythe room was combined with a comfortable workshop and office. The epicenter of attention becomes a large island, which can be used not only for creativity, but also for ironing. Laundry from Dream House Studios

Hidden home office

This corner for work is neatly hidden insmall living room. Parson’s slender, practical table, two laconic ottomans, a wall-mounted TV and many paintings allow this place to merge with the overall decoration. Living Room by Stephanie Wiley Photography Thisoffice, hidden in the closet, is incredibly cozy and compact. It allows family members to enjoy work and leisure in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Project from Whimages This cabinet was equipped on the landing due to several shelves. Light shade palette and multifunctional furnishings give it a high practicality. Cabinet from Domestic Stories with Ivy This workspace for two was hidden from view behind flowing curtains! When the curtains are closed, the living room gets an elegant appearance. Office from Scheer & Co.

Vanishing structures

For the arrangement of an unusual house, you can also use it. Murphy lifting bed will help you effectively organize the vertical space, as well as hide the mess from the eyes of guests. Bedroom by Michael K Chen Architecture Sofas or couches in the office can be used as an additional place to relax friends. Cabinet from De Meza + Architecture This guestbookthe room was located next to the office space. Snow-white tint palette and multifunctional furniture give this space an incredible aesthetic appeal and comfort. Cabinet from Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc.

Working kitchen area

In the spacious kitchen, a narrow long table can be used as a workplace. Don Ziebell's Kitchen

Functional living room

In this dream house, the mansard room was equipped with a comfortable suite and equipment for watching movies and TV shows, as well as a magnificent playground. Children's from Gabriel Builders Inc. This space on the first floor of the mansion includes a gym and a children's room. Design by Eisner Design LLC The refined living room was combined with cozy places for sleeping and relaxing for family members and guests. Interior from Highline Partners, Ltd. We presentedTo the attention of our readers, excellent solutions and ideas for decorating a room with dual functional purpose, which will allow you to fill the apartment with incredible practicality and aesthetic appeal. Did you like these home decor ideas? Share your opinion in the comments below ...