Ideas for small interiors

The interior of a small office in the closet: tips


If you just can not find in your housea free corner, in order to decorate the interior of a small office in it, take a look at the dressing room or the built-in wardrobe: there is quite enough space for arranging the working space. The interior of a small office in a dressing room orwardrobe In the case of a deficit of square meters, this solution may be optimal or even the only possible one. Very often in the wardrobe over the years are stored those things that no one will ever wear. And sometimes they can be found that have no relation to clothing. This means that such spaces, as a rule, are used inefficiently. Turning a dressing room into a home office, you will follow the path of rational organization of space and provide yourself with conditions for productive work. If you are ready to seriously consider the idea of ​​arranging a mini-office in the closet, listen to our advice - they will help you in its implementation.

Decide on features

It is important to remember that the placement of the home office inthe cabinet is at risk of running out of storage space and clutter. Since a wardrobe is by definition a compact space, you should know exactly which elements of the future cabinet are absolutely necessary for you, and which are necessary only for interior decoration. In any case, you can not do without functional devices - filing cabinets, organizers, spacious containers and, of course, a desk of practical design.

Create an inspiring interior

The fact that your office will be in the closet doesdoes not mean that it should remain like a cabinet from the inside. Before proceeding with the equipment in the mini-office, pay attention to the decor of the walls: paint the walls in a rich, but unobtrusive shade. Plus, you can hang a few photos or come up with something completely original. Stationery or creative stores sell magnetic marker and cork boards and handy wall organizers to personalize your office. A bright curtain will be a great replacement for a standard door, which you most likely want to refuse.

Focus on the positive things

To many it may seem that the arrangement of the office inA closet is a kind of compromise, a necessary measure. But your newly-minted cabinet will undoubtedly have advantages, despite its compact dimensions. In a confined space, it is more difficult to make a mess, especially if you carefully consider its organization from the very beginning. In a compact office, all the accessories for work will always be at your fingertips. But there is another, most important, in our opinion, plus: a workplace hidden behind a door or a curtain in a secluded corner will allow you not to disturb the integrity of the design of other rooms in the house, not to take precious meters from the kitchen or bedroom.

Choose convenient components

As soon as you decide to place an office incloset (frankly, not too comfortable space), make sure that the furnishings and accessories with which you have to contact in the process of work, correspond to your ideas about comfort. The dimensions of the chair, table and computer equipment should be such that you do not have to squeeze to your place. Make a choice in favor of an adjustable chair, buy a pair of pillows under your back and spare no expense for purchasing a compact printer, fax, etc. Take care of high-quality lighting, complement the interior with items of decor that can inspire you to creativity. It may seem inconvenient to work in a definition, but if you get rid of a lot of unnecessary things stored in it, you will see that this compact, but cozy space is an ideal place to organize a home office. This is especially true for those who live in apartments or small cottages. Do you have a separate office or mini-office at home? Where did you post it? Maybe you plan to change something in it? Share your ideas with us!