Ideas for small interiors

The idea of ​​the interior for a small room: unusual places for the necessary things


Today's article is dedicated to those who at least oncefaced with the problem of limited storage space. Indeed, ideally, it should be not only convenient, but also attractive. For those who do not know where to start, we have prepared 10 creative solutions: both simple and rather unexpected.

1. Shelves on the stairs

There are several original ideas forusing stairs as storage space. If it is wide enough, you can select the edge of its steps for small shelves in which shoes, accessories or even books and photo albums can be arranged.

2. Open shelves with identical containers.

This solution not only looks fantastic,but also allows the shelving to be as roomy as possible if its height is from the floor to the ceiling itself, and the containers are matched exactly according to the size of the shelves. Details in this case play an important role. Given the fact that all boxes are the same, it is important to take care of their labeling and consistency in advance. For example, you can label their contents by sticking on each small photographs, labels or pieces of paper with inscriptions.

3. Mini-library

"Book wall" complete with a ladder is thatthat will allow you to organize a whole library in a small area and free up precious square meters in the room. Placing it in a secluded or inaccessible corner, you can suddenly get a favorite place to rest.

4. Replacing the buffet in the dining room with more spacious furniture

This option is perfect for those caseswhen the dinner table is sometimes used not only for its intended purpose (for example, as a written one). In this case, the main function of the cabinet in the dining room should not be neglected, leaving room for cutlery, dinner sets, towels, etc. With an open-plan dining area with a small amount of empty seats, it may seem strange to allocate an entire wall for storing things. However, a wardrobe that is correctly selected in size and appearance can accommodate everything you need: from dishes to textiles, unlike, for example, from a table — when placed in this area.

5. Combination of open and closed shelves.

With all the appeal of well decoratedopen shelves, there are things that are best kept behind closed doors. At the same time, it is better to minimize the number of small objects in prominent places in order to avoid the feeling of confusion.

6. No packs

It is advisable to unpack all purchases immediately upon returning from the store, because the packaging requires a lot of additional space.

7. Top shelves

Here you can often find quite useful centimeters of free vertical space.

8. Smooth furniture and a minimum of decor.

When choosing furniture for a small roomIt is recommended to exclude cabinets and dressers with protruding parts. Simple design, light shades, smooth (ideally - glossy) surface - this is what will help furniture harmoniously merge with the walls, without overloading the situation.

9. Maximum filling

When it seems that all storage spaceexhausted, there are many small “gaps” in the house that can also be filled with something important: the distance between appliances, furniture or, for example, on both sides of the kitchen door.

10. Useful decorations

Instead of cluttering the interior with decorativedecorations can be used containers for essentials, decorating them in accordance with the overall style. Transparent boxes for stationery or baskets with accessories for needlework not only help save space, but also emphasize the refined taste of the owner. Here are the basic tips, using which you can extract the maximum potential of even the smallest room.