Interior of a studio apartment

The interior of a small studio: ideas for decor and photos


Design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m: kitchen set with wooden facades Specialists of Allen + Killcoyne Architects, developed the interior of a small studio of 40 square meters. m, which they themselves call micro-apartments. To make the compact interior seem more airy and spacious, the authors of the project used a simple and natural palette based on a combination of white and light shades of natural wood. The noble texture of the natural material made the atmosphere warmer and more comfortable, which was simply necessary, since the view from the living room’s windows is hardly picturesque.

Stripes and squares

Designers set a goal to reduce tothere is no feeling of narrowness, which inevitably arose in everyone who was in the apartment. To do this, they introduced stripes into the interior, both horizontal - in the form of light laminate on the floor, and vertical - wooden partition panels between the living room and the bedroom. The square elements helped to complicate the space and emphasize the structure of the original sectional windows - abstract canvases on the walls, photographs in frames, cushions and, finally, recesses in the ceiling. Contrasting elements in all respects.are fancy shapes of colored glass vases, standing on the open shelves of a built-in rack. Arranged in the corner between the partition and the modular wall, the mini office complements the combination of a living room, a compact dining area and a kitchen.

Absolute minimalism

More than modest bedroom size saveddesigners from having to choose a style for its design. The minimalist interior, perfectly balanced and perfectly executed, allowed customers to feel themselves as owners of a luxurious penthouse, rather than a modest one-room apartment. The only element of the decor - abstractpicture hanging over the head of the bed. It is written in shimmering colors, due to which it seems to be voluminous and changing depending on the angle of view. The wooden partition is designed in such a way that the bedroom is completely invisible from the living room. And in the opposite direction with visibility there are no problems.

Comfortable bathroom

A rather spacious bathroom for such an apartment is located on the other side of the wall, limiting the area of ​​the kitchen area. There is a full shower with a built-in bench and a stylish sink. The mirror, which occupies the width of the entire wall above the sink, visually expands the space of the bathroom. Designers are particularly proud of the factthat they were able to provide the interior with all the zones familiar to modern apartments and sufficient storage space. Carefully thought-out arrangement of elements and discreet décor form an environment that can stay relevant for many years The area of ​​your apartment also does not exceed 40 square meters. meters? Tell us which way of organizing the space you have chosen or intend to choose for it. We are waiting for your comments!