Interior of a studio apartment

The interior of a small studio: ideas for decor and photos

The interior of a small studio: examples of competent decor Only a few well-placed accents can radically transform the interior of a small studio. 12 simple examples will inspire you to build your nest.

1. Geometric shapes

To arrange a studio in a modern style withusing geometric motives, it is necessary to act boldly, as did, for example, the authors of the project of this apartment. Triangles and squares are present everywhere, starting with the carpet on the floor, which echoes the wall decor, and ending with the graphic structure of the floor lamp. Designer chair favorably emphasizes the relevance of the design. A glass partition separating the place to sleep from the rest of the space is a great idea, allowing you to provide every corner of the apartment with light.

2. Pastel colors to create cocoon-like space.

Whatever the size of the apartment, the main thing iscomfort and eye-pleasing decor. Pastel colors, dominant in the design of this studio, endow it with Scandinavian charm and create the feeling of a gentle cocoon that you don’t want to leave. All accessories emphasize the modesty and simplicity of the image. Special attention deserves a fancy chandelier that is suitable for any apartment.

3. Painted DIY trade pallets for the interior

You need to be a real inventor to manageeffectively decorate a small apartment. In this case, having worked with red paint and a brush, the designers were able to create a cheerful atmosphere through the magnificent combination of a table, kitchen walls and ordinary trade pallets as a bed base. Old wooden boxes turned into shelves and a coffee table. And the hammock just calls to relax in this nice and cozy space.

4. Brick walls for the strong in spirit

Someone, this idea does not seem quite appropriate forstudio, but in fact it guarantees the expressiveness of the interior, especially in combination with the whiteness of the walls. The brutality of the brickwork underlines the modern design. We also note the graphic partition, which defines the border of the mini-bedroom and is a very important decorative element.

5. Wooden beams for organizing space

Why not use existing oneselements instead of adding new ones? In this studio, not too elegant beams were painted white and used as the basis for creating a very practical shelving, which, among other things, acts as a partition and generally fits perfectly into the decor. Bright red contrasting elements lend dynamism to a room.

6. White brick to increase light

Small apartment is not easy to doreally light. The walls of this studio are painted white. The furniture of pastel shades looks especially interesting against their background, and the texture of the brickwork does not allow the interior to appear flat and bland. A curtain with a geometric pattern hides a bedroom with a bed on the podium.

7. Many frames for wall decor

The easiest way is to start decorating a littleapartment from the walls. This studio is a great example of how well-chosen and arranged frames can decorate a rather modestly furnished room in vintage style. This technique is very relevant today, as it allows you to give a uniqueness to the design without significant costs.

8. Clothes bars as an element of decor

Sometimes it’s enough just one elementto completely transform the room. In this case we are talking about clothes bars with hangers that clearly organize the space. Not to mention the fact that they delimit the "day" and "night" zones, they become a decorative accessory thanks to the clothes that hang on them. Pleases for the eyes of the abundance of wooden elements. And it is worth remembering that colorful pillows create a friendly atmosphere in the house.

9. Old chest to create a new style.

To create an original decor, you need to learn.overcome stereotypes. The key element of the interior of this apartment is an old chest, which serves as a coffee table and at the same time brings the spirit of vintage into the image. The staircase acts as a bookcase, and the shabby garden bench turns into a bedside shelf. Graphicity of light parquet creates dynamics and contrast.

10. Live plants for a good mood.

Why not enrich with floral motifsdecor of a small apartment? This room clearly shows us that living plants are appropriate in any interior. The combination of parquet and sculptures looks very elegant. A light curtain hides a bed that could disturb the harmony of this wonderful decor.

11. Black and white combination for an elegant interior.

The combination of black and white -Great way to give originality to the interior. This studio can serve as proof that modest details have the ability to maintain a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness. The lamp in the form of a balloon will dilute the strict atmosphere.

12. Blue to give depth to space.

If you want to update yourstudio apartment, the easiest way to do this is to repaint the walls. Today it is considered fashionable to create contrasts, for example, between the kitchen and the rest of the studio, as in the interior of the photo. The blue color allows the mezzanine level to dissolve against the background of the wall and not invade the atmosphere inspired by the marine theme. Like our ideas? Share the link with friends and leave comments!