Organization of space

As for the day make the living room more convenient: 10 simple steps -


The living room is the visiting card of any house. We strive to make it beautiful, warm, cozy, but often forget that it should be more convenient. Can you combine practicality and creativity, functionality and comfort? Certainly, and just 10 steps away, the Living Room is a room, at first glance, created just for rest. Receiving guests, reading books or watching TV every night. It would seem that this requires, in addition, to be comfortable and cozy? In fact, you need a lot. Sometimes it is just right to place a home library or a collection of board games in a small area, in some cases - to include a dining room or even a bedroom in the living room. So is it possible to achieve that this room would remain cozy, but at the same time become much more functional?

Unload space

Regardless of the actual size of the room, itshould not seem cramped and cluttered. As one friend said, less is better, but better. Are you sure that you need these two couches facing each other? And the old armchair at the door, to which you just throw things? And there is that sideboard with the received services, which can be stored in the kitchen? Probably not. That is why the improvement of your living room should begin with leaving only the essentials in it. Our opinion:- So, use not only a horizontal, but also a vertical plane, maximally "unloading" the floor. Hang the TV on the wall and nail shelves for books and memorabilia; if the height of the ceilings allows, place them in several rows.

Create a composition

Any interior should be built according to some kind.Look at your living room from a critical angle: is the furniture randomly arranged, is it proportioned, what is the main element in the furnishings? If you answered yes to the first question, negative to the second and did not find the answer to the third, you urgently need to create a composition and start from the most important thing - from its center. It can be a bright sofa, an unusual coffee table, a colorful carpet or a beautiful figurine - something that immediately attracts attention. After that, we create the so-called center of the room: we center other objects around the selected point. For example, chairs, ottomans, tables, etc.


And arrange a spring cleaning. In the process, think again, if everything you currently need in your living room is exactly what you need at the moment. If you have not yet parted with a statuette brought from Paris, which has long peeled off the edges, or with an old wiped rug that is so dear to the heart, it's time to do it. At the same time, carefully inspect the furniture and make an easy restoration, if necessary.

Organize storage

So, you got rid of all the unnecessary, butThe remaining things must be stored somewhere. Books, documents, memorabilia, handicrafts and much more - all this can be placed in the living room in different ways. Think about the storage system. If there is no possibility to replace furniture with a new, multifunctional (with built-in drawers, bookshelves and storage niches), buy all kinds of boxes, boxes and baskets. Yes, at least just get the old suitcase off the mezzanine and use it simultaneously as a container for things and as a coffee table. Our opinion: - If the number of square meters leaves much to be desired, use all the possibilities of the room. The space behind the door and battery, a narrow niche or a window sill can easily be turned into a storage space, without cluttering up the used area of ​​the room.

Use zoning

Especially if you have a typical Sovietpencil case room. Divide a long and narrow space into several areas: for relaxation, entertainment, receiving guests, and, for example, work or eating. Actually, the same can be done with a room of any size and shape: a spacious room needs no less rational use. For use light open shelves, dressers, screens, carpets and textiles. If the living room is small, under no circumstances overload it with heavy furniture.

Take care of lighting

Light in the living room should perform severalfunctions: to provide a comfortable rest, to approach for reading or work, to create a certain atmosphere and coziness. Obviously, a single chandelier in the center of the room with all these tasks is unlikely to cope. If in your living room is just such a situation, urgently engage in the reorganization of lighting. Of course, nobody canceled the general light, but we must add point sources to it. Table lamps, sconces, nightlights, candles, built-in furniture or under the ceiling lighting - that's what you need. For each zone (working, rest, reception of visitors) select your correct light.

Remove excess decor

One class poster is better than five averagepictures is a fact. Fix the heart and refuse to store in the living room grandmother statues, plates from Turkey, bought a hundred years ago, artificial flowers in a boring vase and not combining photos on the walls. To the living room does not look gloomy, enough to decorate it with several bright elements. Let it be a beautiful textile (pillows or blankets), a pair of unusual figurines and posters or photographs on the wall. If you want to keep the best memories in your mind, group your favorite photos and postcards for travel in one zone. For example, hang a special board over the sofa, on which you can attach anything you like.

Get rid of the couch

It sounds cruel, but sometimes it's fair. We are so used to associate the living room with a sofa, that without it it is difficult to imagine. However, in some cases, it makes sense to abandon this cumbersome piece of furniture, especially if the room itself is very small and cramped. As an alternative, you can use large soft or woven pouffes, couches, as well as the popular in the west scheme 4 chairs, that is, four chairs around the coffee table.

Find a new place for your TV

Experiment with the placement of the TV. Hang it on the wall near the window, make or buy an easel stand on wheels, hide the TV in a niche. This, first, will change the boring order, and secondly, it will help to save the place that you later use more productively. Another cabinet with a TV can not be put to the wall, but used to zoning the room, separating it from a rest zone from some other.

Add air

Let the room breathe. How to do it, it's best to spy on the Scandinavians: they like nobody appreciate the sunlight and free space, and for them large, not curtained windows are almost an indispensable attribute of any interior. If you feel uncomfortable without curtains at all, discard dark heavy curtains in favor of light air textiles and blinds. In addition, clear the space in front of the windows so that light and air can freely enter the living room.