The most interesting from the opening of the exhibition Maison & Objet-2014 in the Instagram of Russian designers


On September 5, the largest and most prestigiousexhibition of design and home decor - Maison & Objet-2014. We have collected for you the most interesting photos of the first day of the Paris exhibition, found on the Instagram of Russian designers. The most desired and anticipated event for specialists in the field of interior design opened its exhibition halls exactly one day ago. During this time, many visitors managed to visit them, many of whom delighted their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook subscribers with colorful photos of new products presented at Maison & Objet-2014. Today we are showing the most interesting, in the opinion of our editors, pictures, among which are photos taken by Russian designers: Nadya Zotova, Olga Zaretskikh, Maria Sofronova, Lyubov Egorycheva, Ekaterina Kokoulina, Nina Sokolova-Testarossa and Anastasia Sokolova. To begin with, we invite you to get acquainted with the creative design of the stands ... ... and also see several types of "from the height"to at least a minute to imagine how much this is a huge forum. And to be precise, this year, 3 445 participants came to the Maison & Objet exhibition:

  • working in the fields of construction, design, decoration, architecture, textile and furniture production;
  • specializing in the production of dishes, kitchens, household appliances;
  • producing products for the garden, terraces, villas;
  • engaged in lighting equipment.

One of the most popular on Maison & Objet, judging byby the number of photos, became the stand of designer Tom Dixon. You can read about what exactly the famous designer brought to the exhibition in ours. And the visitors of the exhibition are of great interestcaused all kinds of lighting devices, and everyone took pictures with pleasure. Frankly, this year the fixtures are really successful. Here and art deco, and stim-punk, and oriental motifs. For example, the decorator Olga Zaretsky noted that the exhibition has many similar lamps, and when approaching the next stand there is a deja vu effect. In her Instagram Olga also noted that Maison & Objet presents a lot of exhibits with an inclination in ethno. This is indicated by the photos of other Instagram users. Designer Nadia Zotova also did not miss this trend. She on the first day of the exhibition inspected the pavilions with furniture. Meanwhile, specifically for our site, Nina Sokolova-Testarossa made these exclusive photos. It turned out that Maison & Objet also received her name, the designer Anastasia Sokolova, who liked cushions with matryoshkas and a sofa made in patchwork technique. Their photos were also pleased with the designers Ekaterina Kokoulina, Maria Sofronova and Lyubov Yegorycheva. As you can see, the first day of SeptemberMaison & Objet-2014 was quite rich and interesting, revealing some new trends and introducing unusual pieces of furniture and decor. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook