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How much does a good sofa bed and where to buy it?

Choose a sofa that is good in all respects.will be both comfortable and attractive outwardly, not so easy. In this review, we have collected the 10 best European models from the leading furniture brands. Sometimes in search of a good sofa, you can drive around the whole city and go around all the shops, but you still can't find anything. Either the quality does not inspire confidence, the design leaves much to be desired. What to do? How to get the maximum result by spending a minimum of time? We went through the furniture stores for you and compiled a selection of the best convertible sofas designed by iconic designers and famous furniture factories. It's hard to doubt their quality, and design and convenience are their main strong points. 1. Modular corner sofa Traviata Price - 334 444 rubles. R. Brand: Relotti (Italy) Store: Italians are real experts in the field of furniture. Their products are appreciated all over the world. The Traviata sofa, made in the Art Nouveau style, is no exception. What attracted us to this model? The fact that her pillows can take the shape of the body, contributing to complete relaxation. And all because of the filling, which is synthetic fluff - siliconized fibers, treated with a special chemical and thermal method. Therefore, this packing is very resilient and springy. The French folding mechanism transforms the sofa into a sleeping place, which is a metal lattice with a dense polyurethane foam mattress. Characteristics:

  • length - 150 cm,
  • width - 294 cm,
  • height - 100 cm,
  • sleeping place - 85 x 185 cm,
  • mechanism - French,
  • materials: light leather Magic White, solid wood frame (ash).

2. Sofa bed Melo Price - 80,128 rubles. R.Brand: BoConcept (Denmark) Store: The Melo double sofa bed is a practical piece of furniture for any living room. It is comfortable to sit on. Two adults will comfortably accommodate here, and if necessary, it can be used for sleeping. This model also has built-in storage. Characteristics:

  • height - 79 cm,
  • width - 173 cm,
  • sleeping place - 83 x 197 cm,
  • upholstery material: textile with impregnation Aqua Clean.

3. Sofa Vilasund / Mariebu Price - 29,999 rubles. R.Brand: IKEA (Holland) Store: Another very remarkable option for the living room is a three-seater sofa from IKEA. This brand has long won the love and trust of Russians. It excels with its solid quality and ability to meet a limited budget. The same is the case with the Vilasund / Mariebu sofa, which has a textile upholstery made of natural cotton and polyester, which is easy to care for. It is convenient to store bed linen in it thanks to the presence of a compartment under the seat. Characteristics:

  • height - 71 cm (backrest - 46 cm, seat - 45 cm),
  • width - 202 cm,
  • depth of sitting - 62 cm,
  • sleeping place - 160 x 200 cm,
  • mattress (a spring of the pocket type) - 9 cm.

4. Folding sofa Sleep Price - 76,000 rubles. R.Brand: Softline (Denmark) Store: (official representative of the brand in Russia) This sofa can become a central object in a room. He attracts eyes from the very first seconds. At first, you don't immediately understand that it is folding. And just a few movements - and this handsome man turns into a comfortable spacious bed. The Sleep sofa is the creation of the Busk + Hertzog design studio, in particular Flemming Busk. In 1999, this piece of furniture was awarded the category “Best Designer Sofa in Denmark”. Characteristics:

  • height - 43 cm,
  • length - 90 cm,
  • width - 204 cm,
  • sleeping place - 88/176 x 200 cm,
  • materials: metal, textiles.

five.Bright leather sofa Jacob Price - 147 910 rubles. R. Brand: Cosmo (Russia) Store: Do you want to make your interior memorable, interesting and original? Decorate it with unusual items such as the Jacob sofa from the young but progressive Russian brand Cosmo. The company's philosophy is based on making designer products available for budget interiors. The Jacob modular sofa is made of leather in a bright ruby ​​hue - an option for bold and extraordinary personalities. Characteristics:

  • height - 70/90 cm,
  • width - 280 cm,
  • depth of the seat - 48 cm,
  • material: metal, leather.

6.Convertible sofa Anfibio Price - 393,290 rubles. R. Brand: Giovannetti Collezioni (Italy) Store: Iconic sofa from the famous Italian designer Alessandro Becchi. This model was developed and released back in 1970, but its design does not lose its relevance in modern interiors. And it attracts not only the "appearance" of this sofa, but also its versatility, the ability to transform. Anfibio is a bed, an armchair, a sofa and just an interesting art object all rolled into one. Today it is available not only in leather, but also with textile upholstery (a more budget option). Characteristics:

  • width - 120 cm,
  • length - 240 cm,
  • depth - 70 cm,
  • leather material.

7. Sofa Cormac Price - 39,990 rubles. R.Brand: Homeme (Russia) Store: Spacious sofa for a large company. Its design can cheer you up. After all, as you know, color therapy helps to restore strength and mental balance. With this sofa, made in patchwork style, your interior will always be filled with a positive aura. Characteristics:

  • height - 79 cm,
  • length - 244 cm,
  • the depth is 195 cm,
  • sleeping place - 145 x 220 cm,
  • materials: wood, textiles, leather, machinery - "dolphin".

eight.Designer sofa Puzzle luxe Price - 59,990 rubles. R. Brand: Innovation (Denmark) Store: The name of this sofa is quite justified. It really does add up like a puzzle. Easily converts from sofa to bed and vice versa. This piece of furniture looks perfect in Art Nouveau interiors. The idea to create Puzzle luxe came back in 2004 to the Danish designer Andreas Lund. He is known for his non-standard solutions in the field of furniture production. Characteristic:

  • height - 81 cm,
  • width - 100 cm,
  • depth - 200 cm,
  • sleeping place - 110 x 200 cm,
  • materials: chrome-plated steel, textiles.

9. Sectional sofa Weil Price - 157,500 rubles. R.Brand: Defy Supply (USA, design - Italy) Store: The minimalistic design of this solid sofa magnetizes. You just want to go up to it, touch it, sit on it. Perhaps this effect is achieved thanks to natural expensive materials such as soft leather and hardwood. It inspires confidence, looks very solid and presentable. This model is ideal for a stylish and luxurious interior. Characteristics:

  • the right section is 327 x 110 x 75 cm,
  • the left section is 200 x 110 x 75 cm,
  • the whole sofa is 327 x 310 x 75 cm,
  • materials: soft leather, polished oak, hardwood.

10.Ergonomic sofa Fantasy Price - 65 950 rubles. R. Brand: Bo-Box (Finland) Store: This amazing sofa will not leave indifferent fans of ultra-fashionable novelties in the field of design, furniture and interior. You can sit and lie on it at the same time. The split backrest can be fixed in five different positions. If necessary, the armrests are also lowered or raised. This is a fantasy, perfectly embodied in a modern interior. Characteristics:

  • height - 86 cm,
  • width - 90 cm,
  • depth - 200 cm,
  • sleeping place - 120 x 200 cm,
  • materials: metal, genuine leather, mattress with polyurethane filler.,,,,,,,,