The most interesting from the exhibition MosBuild: wallpapers, plumbing, paints


Main building and interior exhibitionRussia - MosBuild - was held from March 31 to April 3. We will tell you everything about the most amazing new products and events of the Week of Decor and Design. This spring, several interior exhibitions took place at once, including and. Today you will learn about what happened at the MosBuild exhibition, the information partner of which was the site etk-fashion.com. (By the way, it was at our invitation that the master class of designer Elena Teplitskaya "How not to be afraid of color in the interior" was held). The exhibition occupied almost the entire Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya. Bathroom interiors, plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, wallpaper, ceramics, doors and locks, paints, textiles and decorative lighting - the latest products in these areas could be seen at the exhibition. We will tell you about the key events and innovations of the main interior exhibition in Russia.


Within the framework of the MosBuild exhibition, a presentation was heldLittle Greene's new Painted Papers collection. The new product was announced at the stand of the English decor stores Manders, the general distributor of Little Greene products in Russia. Alexey Eliseev, Manders CEO: - At the beginning of our cooperation, Little Greene designer paints were not yet known in Russia, and it was the joint work with them that became a serious stage in Manders' development. According to the results of last year, 200 thousand liters of Little Greene paint were sold in Russia and more than 6 thousand real estate objects were painted. manders.ru The guests of the event had an opportunity to meet David Mottershead, Managing Director of Little Greene, and Rachel Ashe, Head of Export Sales. David Mottershead noted that Russia occupies an important place in the company's global sales and every sixth bank is sold in our country. David Mottershead, Managing Director of Little Greene: - Today, interior design keeps pace with modern fashion. It is very important for our company to unite these two worlds and demonstrate the results of joint work. littlegreene.com The new Painted Papers collection has its own peculiarities: it is created by the method of traditional printing using ink used in the past centuries. A selection of photographs using historical colors in modern interiors was presented at the presentation.


Vitra has long been world renowned for itssophisticated series of bathrooms and mixers. The new products of 2015 were again presented at the MosBuild exhibition. The Memoria Black collection was designed by French designer Christophe Pillet. The sophisticated black color and clear geometric shapes give the products of this series a special elegance. A large assortment of modules gives the apartment owner the opportunity to act as a designer and create a unique bathroom interior on his own. In addition, this year Vitrapresented the furniture line Metropole. The collection was designed by industrial agency NOA. Also at the Vitra stand was shown the development of the Combo, which combines a shower stall and a full-size bathtub and has the advantages of both options. The V-care personal hygiene system is another innovation of the company. The development has many advantages: the V-care Rim-ex toilet bowl is easy to disinfect due to its rimless design, and with the help of a remote control, you can configure the functions that you need. Special mention should be made of the unique Vitra development - a toilet seat for the elderly and people with disabilities.

"Architectural walk" from Christophe Pijay

A master class was held as part of the MosBuild exhibitionArchitectural Walk by Christophe Piye, French designer who designed the Memoria Black series for Vitra. Christophe Piye, Designer Bachelor and Master of Design. Graduated from the School of Design and Fashion in Milan. Christophe Piye's career began at Philippe Starck's office. In 1993 he opened his own design bureau. He worked with brands Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Renault Serralunga, Shiseido, Whirpool and many others. christophepillet.com The master class began with Christophe Pillet recalling the beginning of his career and finding his own style. When I first started designing, modernism was very popular. Stylistically, I borrowed little from this direction in art, but borrowed its positive philosophy and universality. Design attracts me by the fact that we do not make a revolution, but simply make objects that we like.

Christophe Piye Master shared his views ondesign: according to Christophe Piye, objects for public spaces should not differ from furniture for private interiors. The designer mentioned another misconception - “a good thing must be big”. Also, Christophe Piye said that he makes really valuable items, but they do not take up much space in space. One of the favorite themes of the French designer is the connection between the past and the present. In my opinion, the thing has no age. The designer needs to use heritage and a modern approach. I do not create vintage, but my product has the best features from the past.

Christophe Pietand his work on interior design - a hotel in Paris, a restaurant in Casablanca, a hotel in Morocco. The more I do interior design, the more I realize that it is like creating a set. The atmosphere plays a big role, it has a similarity to the theater. It is important to show the reality that is based on the ideas of the company. In this case, the designer acts as a translator.

Christophe Piye According to the French master, heit was very interesting to work with Vitra, which offered him to create high quality bathroom furniture. I wanted to talk about the uniqueness of the company, about its experience and knowledge through subjects. In the case of Vitra, it is not always easy to understand whether it is furniture or sanitary ware - this is one of the differences from other manufacturers.

Christophe Piye at the end of the master class ChristophePiye answered questions from visitors to the event - architects, designers and journalists. Fans of the French master's creativity learned that in his youth Christophe Piye wanted to become a musician, that he had a team of 17 people. By the way, the designer, according to him, has an absolutely typical house in Paris. Christophe Piye also said that he really liked Moscow and its diverse architecture. This means that we can hope that the French designer will come to the capital with a new master class.


The MosBuild exhibition featured the latestnew items from many manufacturers. Among them is the Swedish company Gustavsberg, which is owned by the German concern Villeroy & Boch. Anton Kuzmin, Villeroy & Boch: - Gustavsberg products are unique - they are distinguished by classic design and innovative technologies. Our company has always stood for economy, efficiency and ecology. At the Design and Decor Week, we presented the innovative Hygienic Flush, which significantly improves hygiene thanks to the open rim of the toilet flush. In addition, the minimum water consumption is used. Also among the novelties is the collection of bathroom and kitchen faucets Nordic 3. Among the advantages of this series of sanitary ware are water saving and energy saving technologies, adjustable maximum temperature to prevent scalding, flexible water supply and much more. Another topical novelty of the Gustavsberg company is special toilets with armrests for the elderly and people with disabilities. gustavsberg.com


Duravit also demonstrated atthis year's exhibition, including the Cape Cod series, designed by world renowned designer Philippe Starck. Cape Cod is the name of a peninsula in the northeastern United States, which is washed on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean. It was this place that inspired Philippe Starck to create a new series of sanitary ware. The bathtub from the Cape Cod collection is designed as a monolith and can be additionally equipped with an air jet massage. The washbasins in this series are wide, with thin rims and are available in various shapes. Duravit also introduced its new SensoWash Slim, removable bidet lid, which does not scratch. At the MosBuild exhibition, we showed a new collection of L-Cube furniture. Here Duravit offers many new colors, such as pink. We are also proud to present the new washbasin with a back step from the P3 Comforts series, it will perfectly match our new oversized toilets, also from the P3 Comforts collection. But the pearl of our show I would call the Paiova 5 bathtub, an updated model with wide dimensions and rounded edges. Believe me, this is one of the few baths that is best enjoyed together.

Alexander Tsaava, sales manager of Duravit


The German company "Hogarth" presented atMosBuild novelties of the ISH exhibition, which took place in March in Frankfurt. The Art Deco style is embodied in a new collection of faucets designed by Oliver Jörger. In the Cronos Crystal collection, the German designer uses Swarovski crystals as decorative elements for faucet handles and for sinks, bathtubs, showers, as well as thermostats, angle and shut-off valves. The Glamorous Tuning range of crystal faucet handles are made by Glass Design and are ideally matched to the company's crystal sinks. An important point - the products are made by hand. The Dornbracht factory has improved the MEM series by adding new types of bathroom products and a new coating. Particularly noteworthy is the new bath mixer, which combines a cascade, hand shower and control. Steinberg mixers and showers have a clean, straight design.


One of the world's leading manufacturers of productsfor bathrooms - Roca Group - presented at the exhibition new accessories that will transform any interior. Marina Sidorina, Marketing Director of Roca Group in Russia and the CIS: - As part of its participation in the MosBuild 2015 exhibition, Roca Group presented new products and successful collections from the international Roca brand, the Swiss brand Laufen and other brands on the Russian market. Launched in 2002, Laufen's famous Il bagno Alessi One collection has continued. The author of the collection - Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni - proposed a new vision of the bathroom: now it is not just a familiar place to put yourself in order, it is a theater of an imaginary world with a whole palette of emotions, with expression in a playful fairytale form, where a significant role is played by fun, soft and comfortable outlines. In addition to the collection, there were 90 and 120 cm countertops, 80 cm bowls, an imitation marble bathtub and SaphirKeramik® accessories. The latest brand was presented at the exhibition in completed projects of sinks. At Roca, we presented the new Terran shower tray made from the innovative and durable Stonex® material that can be cut to individual sizes, the Newcast cast iron retractable in a new copper shade. Particular attention was drawn to a new model of the now gaining popularity rimless toilets - Debba Rimless. This design of the toilet ensures efficient flushing and maintenance of hygiene while conserving water. ru.roca.com

Jacob delafon

The French company Jacob delafon alsopresented an interesting exposition. One of the newest bathroom collections, Soprano, has been created with the addition of functional furniture. So, the countertop washbasin is very convenient and allows you to place the necessary accessories. Not without innovations - a mixer is built into the sink, the drain of which can be controlled with a joystick. The furniture in this collection is finished in melamine in five variations. The Terrace collection will appeal to lovers of elegance and stylish design. Another novelty by Jacob delafon is the Rimove toilet without an inner rim. This makes cleaning the bowl as easy as possible. In addition, the company's stand displayed a collection of laconic ceramic sinks Voх, as well as Aleo, Aleo + and Cuff taps.


When producing doors with imagesA special technology is used, thanks to which the drawing is transferred to the glass with the highest clarity, as if imprinted on it. Such images are highly resistant to external influences. If desired, the customer can create a door with his own image, only the source in high resolution is required.

Representative of the company "Artelle"


At our stand, we presented a parquetSolidfloor products from the Dutch company Fetim Group. We showed a line of brutal vintage floors, parquet from the famous Dutch designer Piet Boon and a novelty: floors with a special treatment that creates the effect of a slightly worn floor - this season it will be very fashionable both in Europe and here. Pleasant soft colors: dark gray, natural oak color and noble cognac color, together with deep brushing and rustic selection, give the floor a natural aging look. Arnaud De Jong, Fetim's spokesman, says they have applied new surface treatment and oiling technologies. We also presented our new brand "Nikolskaya Manufaktura", around which it is planned to unite European and Russian manufacturers of high-quality parquet flooring. Moreover, the very history of our company and the place in which we are located are quite consistent with the creation of such a brand. We deliberately presented a rather modest stand, focusing on the specific positions of the parquet and the professionalism of our employees' communication.

Representative of the company "Europoles" The week of decor and design is over.And architects, designers and decorators are already waiting for MosBuild 2016. Photographer - Ekaterina Boglevskaya; mosbuild.com; hogart-art.ru; msant.ru; liveceramica.com; vitra-russia.ru;