New items

New items for the bathroom this week: shower fences, "paper" ceramics and aluminum mosaic -

Jacob Delafon introduced a new stylish solutionfor bathrooms - minimalist shower fences. Contra makes the bathroom space more open, and in combination with the finest pallets Flight Neus makes a particularly strong impression.

In the new collection of ceramic coatings fromPeronda Cerámicas we found an interesting model called Craft. Design studio Joan Rojeski, and, according to them, the Craft is designed to draw the attention of consumers to the need for secondary processing of items of daily use. The color and texture of the tiles completely repeat the external characteristics of the manually recycled paper.

The Spanish brand L'Antic Colonial, knownunique and practical design of tiles, improved its technology and produced a collection made of aluminum and steel. The manufacturer offers to evaluate the buyers, how original the metal looks in different forms and combinations.

So, you can choose from the ruler smalt andsquare, and rectangular, and hexagonal shape. And different textures will help create effects for your bathroom: Gravity thanks to a relief structure and a matte surface will make the shadows play, while the Highlight will illuminate the room with sunlight, and the Anthracite mosaic will create an atmosphere of elegance and elegance.