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Novelties for this week's kitchens: wonder-kettle, glossy kitchen and technique from Philippe Starck -


This week we offer to join the beautiful, grand and technologically advanced. What is what - it's up to you

New from Blomus, with which we today wantStart - a tea-jug Tea-Jay. This object, in our opinion, is able to present completely new aesthetic impressions to fans of hot and soft drinks. The design of the kettle involves a two-stage operation.

To begin with, a syrup is poured into the glass jug,Laid ice, fruit and berries, then to the top, to the kettle - boiling water and tea leaves. After a couple of minutes, the upper part should be turned clockwise, and here the most pleasant begins - the sponge trickles down, mixing with ice, boiling water or fruit. Just imagine how great it is to cook mulled wine in such a teapot. We already dream. You can buy this miracle right now in the L-collection.

In the early autumn, Rehau plansTo update a ruler of furniture facades for kitchen and to add with their glossy models. In addition, the company will introduce a new product - a thin (4 mm) glass-fiber Rauvisio Crystal Slim, which is perfect not only for facing facades, but also for kitchen and bathroom walls.

Henceforth the company Gorenje and designer-brand PhilipStark works together. Their joint collection of kitchen appliances Gorenje by Starck was presented at the last IFA exhibition. They say that there were no indifferent people among those who had the opportunity to see the collection with their own eyes. We are also terribly curious.