24 things without which your new home can not do without


What does your dream house lack? We know exactly the answer, it is placed at 24 points. You will find here many unexpected and terrific ideas. But that's not all: we conducted a mini-survey and learned about 11 more things, without which the ideal house is unthinkable

1. The door that turns into a table for pin-pong

Is it possible to leave the pantry and not play the game? No, this is absolutely unacceptable!

2. Wine cellar

The best option is a cellar with a steep spiral staircase, with it a sober life you are guaranteed even with a very rich selection of wines. Well, or a hospital bed.

3. Home theater

You in fact dreamed about it? The moment has come!

4. The handle on the entrance door, automatically disconnecting electricity and gas

Thought "but suddenly ..." will not visit you again.

5. Dining group with swings

Did you like to rock in your chair as a child? With the purchase of this headset, you can resume the habit.

6. TV, built-in Jacuzzi

Is it possible to relax in the bathroom without "scandals, intrigues and investigations"?

7. Fireplace with a glass chimney

Do not forget to glue the green circles to the glass,And then play with the cat and ... Although there is a less energy-consuming option to "save face" - just do not wash the chimney, and eventually his presence in the room will be obvious.

8. Hammock above the living room

Do not you like looking at the sofa from a height of five meters? Turn over and admire the shallow whitewash defects on the ceiling - is not it a fascinating sight?

9. A pool that crosses from street to house

Do not forget to put fences around the perimeter of the pool, otherwise the hike for the morning newspaper can result in unauthorized water procedures. Inga Azhgirey, interior designer:- In my dream house, first of all, I would like to see a Moroccan room for tea ceremonies, a reading room, perhaps a hookah. The spa area, how can it be without it? Hamam, aromatherapy and other girlish joys. And also a garden with a large veranda and a Papasan armchair. And in the Moroccan room, there must be a mini-fountain.

10. A large round window in the bedroom

Functions - zero, troubles - the sea, but beauty ...

11. Entrance door with stained glass

Especially relevant in the house with access to the east - in the mornings the hallway will literally be bewitching.

12. Library in the stairs

Do not listen to anyone, the chair is a relic of antiquity, the best place to read is the ladder.

13. Waterfall in the bathroom

Where without it?

14. Swimming "pond"

Forget about sallies, dirty beaches and "oh, something touched my foot", when you have your own swimming pond (albeit artificially created), you no longer have to leave the house. Never. Alexey Ilyin, architect:- At one time, I was developing a project for a house, where in the open space of the first floor, shared with the living room, there was a pool, where the owner intended to dive from the gallery on the second floor, located in a two-height space above the pool. I specifically consulted then with instructors in high jumps in one of the Moscow swimming pools in order to determine the depth required to "enter the water when jumping from a platform." It turned out that the pool should be located deeper than the foundation! A special "cushion" with waterproofing and casting of the "bowl" of the pool from vibrated concrete was arranged. So all this was brought to life.

15. Very large bed

Have you ever fallen out of bed? An eerie feeling, is not it? Give him a fight!

16. Extendable balcony

A very good way to learn how to store trash on the balcony. From now on, in one motion, the entire contents of the balcony will be provided in the room.

17. Spiral staircase, wrapping the aquarium

Do not forget to get a shark and at the same time to acquire not sliding home footwear, thrill and safety - the pillars of modern life.

18. A ladder, under which you can pass

It's time to get rid of prejudices and sacred fears of bad omens.

19. Pool with glass walls

An excellent opportunity to take, finally, for the mind and go to the fitness club. You do not want to demonstrate to your neighbors all your ... facets?

20. Fireplace in the bathroom

Just imagine: the burning fire, running water from the tap ... There is not enough yet a diligent embroiderer on the bench. Vadim Kostyrin, Development Director at ZaBor:- Once in Spain I saw a specially equipped balcony on the second floor, from which one could jump into the pool. Personally, I would like to have an onsen and an engawa at home, but I'm afraid I'm not in danger. (Onsen is a hot spring used in Japan for taking wellness treatments; engawa is an open gallery that bends around a Japanese house from two or three sides - editor's note).

21. Glass floor

Do you still lack strong emotions? Order the glass a little thinner.

22. Staircase with rhinestones

Most importantly, moving along this ladder - do not hum the songs of Phillip Kirkorov.

23. Secret room under the stairs

If the phrase "secret room" caused you to have persistent associations with the boy in round glasses, you probably already know what to do with a new, hidden from superfluous eyes room.

24. A slide instead of a ladder

You in fact can not wait to ride? If you know what else must certainly be in your dream house, write to us at [email protected], we will use your wishes in subsequentarticles.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,