The lamp under the antiquity with their own hands made of wood and metal


Nature has been given a uniquebuilding material - wood. One has only to ponder how much everything can be made from this universal material: from a tiny match to a gigantic frame. In the interior, he found active use in the style of country and ekostyle. Despite the fact that modernity tends to synthetic, artificial materials, interior elements of wood do not lose their popularity and universal love. Chandelier under the antiquityThe luminaire (chandelier) under the antiquity is able to givethe interior is noble and unique. The lamp under the old can be made not only from wood. A little pokoldovav above the old chandelier with a metal body, you can create a unique masterpiece that harmoniously blends into the gothic style of the house and will be the highlight of the interior. Modern dyes so realistically "grow old" metal surfaces that there is no doubt that the interior has a long history and keeps family secrets.

Artificial aging of the lamp from metal

For the artificial aging of objectsyou will need metal wool. If you already have a lamp that does not have enough attractiveness and color, you can use it. Since you do not need to collect parts, this makes the work simple and accessible even for beginning masters and lovers of unique homemade things. Tools and materials:

  • metal wool;
  • Toothbrush;
  • flat brush;
  • dispersion paint;
  • flat synthetic brush;
  • round miter brush.

Surface of the lamp carefully cleanwith metal wool. For best cleaning, soak it in a concentrated soap solution. If such manipulations are not enough to thoroughly clean the luminaire, use an old toothbrush. It will help to cope with dirt in the indentations. After completing the preparation of the surface, remove moisture with a soft, absorbent cloth. All further work can be done only after the lamp has dried completely. Choose brown dispersion paint. Using a flat art brush, apply it to the lamp. If it becomes necessary to re-paint, wait until the first layer has dried completely. For artificial aging of the luminaireThe first layer on it must be applied with brown paint. After finishing the work with the chocolate color paint, pour a light green color into the small convenient container. To work with this shade, you need a round miter brush with maximum rigidity. Having typed on the brush the necessary amount of paint, carefully blot it on a piece of paper. Practically dry brush on the surface of the floor lamp. When painting, do not aim to carefully fill the grooves and grooves. As a result of your creative efforts, the chandelier should find the appearance of a product with a light touch. In some depressions, apply a small amount of wax, preference should be given to a golden yellow color. The procedure is most conveniently done with your fingers. Decorate the new lamp can be paper grape leaves, the surface of which is processed by the Iar-Copper method. Decorative pendants for a chandelier can be made of glass beads strung on a golden wire. Try to choose the thinnest wire so that its presence in the decor is minimally noticeable. Back to contents</a>

Lamp from the wheel

The wheel from the cart is interesting enoughsolution for creating a lamp. In a large city, it is not easy to find a wheel from an old cart, but in rustic outbacks such a rarity is not uncommon. Before you start working on creating a unique chandelier, prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • drill;
  • the old wheel from the cart;
  • decorative chain;
  • drying oil;
  • turpentine;
  • dowels;
  • pliers;
  • lamps;
  • screwdriver.

The surface of the wheel should be carefully treated with a drillwith an iron brush. This will help get rid of a decrepit layer of wood and dirt. In a small container mix turpentine and linseed oil, apply the mixture in several layers on the wood. Metal parts of the wheel should be treated with a rust solvent. When choosing the latter, give preference to a product with an anti-rust effect. Scheme of manufacturing a lamp from a cart wheel.To fix the light sources, the role of which will be played by 6 E14 lamps, and the exit of the wires in the wheel, blind holes must be drilled. Screw the adapters into the sockets. For their manufacture, nylon dowels with a diameter of 1 cm are suitable. Screw the cartridge itself onto the dowel, do the work so that when screwing the counter grooves coincide. Pull the wires into the inclined channel and connect the cartridges in parallel. can be decorated with a chain. To artificially age it, place the chain in a pre-melted oven. To secure the chains, rings will be required, the role of which can be played by steel wire with a diameter of at least 4 mm. Insert the extreme links of the chain into rings and connect to the forged elements. Back to the table of contents</a>

Methods of aging of a tree

If the wheel from the cart is not sufficiently emphasizedthe chosen style, carry out the procedure of artificial aging of wood. The most popular method is brashing. For its implementation, soft fibers are removed from the wood, using a drill with a thin drill imitates wormholes. The most compliant for this method is the wood of oak and pine. If the basis of your future unique chandelier will be the details of cherry, maple or beech, the idea will have to be abandoned. The second method is more versatile and consists in using a varnish varnish, which gives the effect of cracks on the surface. Surface before the application of the varnish is cleaned, carefully dried and primed. After that, the element is completely covered with paint, the most harmonious in this case is the use of golden color. Go to the next step only after the paint layer has dried completely. Crackle lacquer is applied with a rigid brush in one direction, after an hour, apply a coat of paint.