How to decorate the living room and emphasize the dignity of the room


Why break down the walls, where to hide the office and howUse the sunlight for the benefit of a small living room - in our today's material The small living room is far from a sentence and it's not at all a reason to turn a room into an uncomfortable storage for a tiny sofa and TV. Look at the situation as an opportunity to show your creativity and create an unusual, bright space where it's nice to spend time with family and friends.

1. Breaking - Do not Build

If you have the opportunity to combine severalPremises, do it without regret. Even the bedroom can be connected to the living room without damage for functionality and intimacy, but air and light will increase in both rooms tangibly.

2. The more the merrier

One way to distract attention from sizespace - to diversify its content. For example, add several textures, ornaments and shades to the interior. However, all this diversity must certainly be combined and represent a complete structure. Take a look at the photo below. This living room is very interesting to look at - the gaze is constantly moving from one wall to another, from table to sofa, from armchair to curtains. Moreover, there are only a few shades and two types of ornament.

3. Not only for recreation

Another way to diversify the space ismake it multifunctional. This rule also applies to a small living room. In the living room, you can equip a dining room with a dining table in the form of a folding coffee table and folding chairs. You can even place a workplace in the living room. However, it is better to choose furniture for it to match the background or use transforming furniture.

4. Emphasize the virtues

Your small living room probably has something thatto admire - high ceilings, huge windows, quality wooden floors or some striking architectural features. Take the time to focus on these details. Choose low-rise furniture to emphasize the height of the ceilings, and the historical value of the building can be reflected with the decoration - stucco, rosettes, cornices, etc.

5. Let there be light!

Light expands space - everyone knows that.But few know how to use this resource. For example, improperly positioned furniture can eventually force you to curtain such opulence as a French window in thick blackouts. Do not allow such a development of events and thoroughly explore the space - figure out where you will be comfortable at any moment, and where you can comfortably settle only with the arrival of the evening. White walls and furniture, of course, will give you a feeling of air and lightness, but if you are not sure that you are ready to live “on the cloud” from year to year, you may well choose a more diverse palette, just try to give preference to cold shades. Our opinion: - Symmetry as one of the oldest methods of decorating space in small rooms is especially relevant. Geometrically correct interior allows you to put together even a large amount of furniture, creating a nice looking structure. However, if your small living room is also a passage room, it is better to give preference to other ways of decorating.,,,,,,