5 ideas and 25 examples of autumn decor

Want to decorate your house with autumn floralCompositions, but you think that it is very expensive and difficult? Not at all, because you can do everything yourself with completely customary materials. And how to recreate it - we now tell you. Well, when else can you observe such a variety of colors of nature, how not in autumn? The leaves around are full of rich color palette, and the abundance of still not fallen berries and late flowers creates truly stunning natural compositions. But what prevents us from this magnificent, and most importantly - affordable beauty to create such incredible, but at the same time, simple things? We have collected for you five original ideas for autumn floral arrangements with fine examples, perhaps you will be inspired by them and try to recreate the compositions you liked at home.

1. The orchard

Autumn bouquet looks best in bright,Juicy color palette, so try to make the most of red, yellow, orange and burgundy flowers. But a special flavor of the entire composition will be given fruits, vegetables, and, of course, berries. Feel free to add branches of rose hips, viburnum, hawthorn, mountain ash, barberry or any others that grow in your garden. In order to decorate your bouquet with fruits, for example, apples, you need to stick them on a metal holder or usual sharp boughs. Our opinion: - For autumn compositions garden roses, dahlias, asters, fluffy chrysanthemums, fizalis, marigolds, sunflowers are ideal. Their warm color scheme and beautiful texture can decorate any room, adding to it a cozy autumn atmosphere.

2. Attracting a Pumpkin

If you want to make an autumn song even moreEffective and give her a special charm - use the usual pumpkin. Such an original idea for the autumn decoration of the house certainly can not go unnoticed. All that is needed is to cut off the top, take out all the flesh, fill it with water and put an armful of flowers in this fruit vase. You can use a container, a vase or any other container, so as not to pour water directly into the pumpkin. And still quite bright and unusual look pumpkins, which are glued on the outside with flowers of chrysanthemums or asters.

3. An interesting alternative

In addition to the pumpkin, to simulate the vase there is stillA huge number of other options. A boring vessel can be replaced with a tin jug, clay amphora, a wicker basket or any other container of unusual shape. Those wishing to create a container for an autumn floral composition can use all sorts of edible materials with their own hands. Lemons, patissons, zucchini and even cabbage head will perfectly cope with the role of the vase. Just remember that not all of them will be able to hold water for a long time, so it's better to put a small container in addition.

4. The Full Bowl

If you still settled on the classicalTransparent vase, just interesting to beat it. As a filling, take apples, halves of oranges, small pumpkins, root carrots, chestnuts, nuts, cones, acorns or hips of wild rose. Be braver and do not be afraid of experiments, most natural materials will fit here. By the way, cereals (beans, peas, lentils, corn) will also be beautifully complemented by autumn motifs. Our opinion: - It is better not to pour water directly into our bulk material, otherwise all this good can start to rot, and the water will simply darken. Take a wide vase, put it in a narrower one, so that space forms between them. And now we fill the inner vase with water, we put flowers there, and in the space between it and the outer vase we pour any natural material that is most like it.

5. Autumn falling leaves

It is difficult to imagine the autumn composition without participationLeaves and twigs, you can go to the search in the park or the forest, for the time being everything has not been covered with snow. Autumn is so many-sided and colorful that you can mix any colors and ingredients in your bouquets. Have time to fully experience this time of year, to enjoy the richness of its palette and generous gifts.