Organization of space

How to fix the flaws of the interior: 5 simple ways -


We do not always get an apartment or a house, oWhich we dreamed of. Low ceilings, gloomy dark rooms, a kitchen where there is nowhere to turn around, a narrow hallway ... In this article, we'll figure out how to fix some common shortcomings of space. Fortunately, the problem has already been discovered, which means that the first step is done. Business for small!

Problem: Low ceilings

If your room looks like a cave with low vaults, and you dream of a spacious hall, like in a palace, a miracle will not happen overnight. But a little "lift" the ceiling still succeed.


"Gloss" on the ceiling will visually raise it -it can be special paint, glossy stretch ceiling or mirrored panels. Another trick is that the paint for the ceiling should be at least a little lighter than the walls, but the same shade. Discard the contrasting border on the border between the walls and the ceiling, maximum - a mirrored strip. Look for wall or spotlights instead of a traditional chandelier. Wallpaper or tiles with a vertical pattern will visually "stretch" the room.

Problem: Few lights


First of all, let's recall the old, but provenway - use light coatings for the floor, ceiling and walls. These can be shades of white and beige. Window curtains should be lightweight to allow maximum natural light to pass through. Large furniture should not be too dark, otherwise it will nullify all your efforts. Glossy, reflective surfaces as well as glass behave well. Editorial opinion: - - also a great way to deceive your own perception, to make the space bigger and brighter. The main thing is to place them correctly: for example, opposite the window or so as to "catch" the light from the chandelier.

Problem: Lost bathroom view


Even if your tile looks perfect,the picture can be spoiled by such trifles as cracked seams. Using modern grout, you can quickly "freshen up" the bathroom. Check the condition of your plumbing. Something needs to be cleaned, and something needs to be replaced. A new curtain or bath mat will cheer you up. The room should not be dark - replace lamps, use additional illumination of mirrors or shelves. Editorial opinion: - Sometimes less is more. Even little things like a new toothbrush cup, interesting hooks and fresh towels can transform a bathroom in an instant.

Problem: The small hallway


Maria Abramova, interior designer:- It is necessary to avoid dark deep colors of walls or floors, do not create a strong contrast between them. Choose floor finishing materials with small proportions of the pattern. Better tiles in sizes up to 20 x 20 cm, possibly with even smaller decorative inserts. A marble mosaic with a weave pattern may also work, but it is best to avoid very small (2 x 2 cm) mosaics such as mosaics. Diagonal laying with small decorative inserts extending "into the walls" will visually expand the floor. It is also best not to use proportionally large items on walls, such as bulky hallway furniture. A wall hanger is enough. A large volume of mirrors will well increase the space. You can, for example, make sliding mirrored doors near the wardrobe or hang a large mirror to the left or right of the front door.

Problem: Small kitchen


Maria Abramova, interior designer:- Proportions are also important here. Of the standard sizes of kitchen furniture bases offered by manufacturers, it is advisable to choose bases of 45-60 cm, no more. Top horizontal drawers up to 90 cm can be used to visually lengthen the wall, but in small quantities. Now there is a tendency to abandon the top drawers in favor of horizontal open shelves, which also visually lightens the space. In the design of the "apron" it is important to choose a small tile size, to avoid massive textures. Glass or other glossy material, with photo printing, for example, may also work. The horizontal illumination hidden under the line of the upper drawers or shelves will especially increase the space.


Transparent furniture like not everyone, but it is sheVisually increase the space of the kitchen. In fact, a round or oval table takes up less space. So you will have more chances for maneuvers. And sometimes the problem lies on the surface: clean the surfaces of excess things, clean or throw away the appliances and utensils that have ceased to be used.