Organization of space

How to create an ideal nursery for a newborn: a Western example and advice


The design of the nursery, which we will consider today,reflects the tender care of parents for their baby. It is not overloaded with unnecessary details and looks very harmonious. What is special about such a balanced space? The answer is, in our article, Parental Care knows no bounds! Adults try to show love and tenderness for their children in everything. This also applies to the decoration of their rooms, especially when it comes to a room for a newborn. A huge number of ideas arise in the minds of young parents, which sometimes make it difficult to choose the right design option. Indeed, when creating a nest for a child, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances so that the baby grows up in a comfortable and safe environment. Today, using a real example, we will show how you can make the interior for a newborn harmonious and interesting. One of the main secrets of this delicate roomis a well-chosen color scheme. Gray color combined with pink and cream shades is considered a very winning option for both the baby and the mother. This combination is soothing and relaxing. Against the gray background of the walls, all pieces of furniture and accessories acquire their individuality and clarity. Thus, the beauty and texture of the selected furniture, curtains, rugs for the room are emphasized. Mirrors, photo frames and metal fittings add a special sophistication to the room. Poof synthesized in itself all the colors and shades,Which are present indoors, maintaining the integrity of the space. The same can be said about the original rugs. Light, soft and light-heartedness is added by light furniture and pink-zephyr accents: translucent curtains, cage and accessories on the chest of drawers, the decor of the crib. The large window in this room providesintake of daylight and air. An openwork chandelier and a lamp on the bedside table by the armchair serve as additional light sources. Thanks to their glass elements, the effect of airiness of the space is achieved. The room has 2 convenient dressers for storing things. One of them also serves as a changing table. A comfortable chair with a footstool was installed for mom, next to a bedside table. The space does not look cluttered. On the contrary, it is quite spacious, although the room is small. I would like to note the original design of the cribbabies: she stands out against the background of the dark floor and walls. To make the interior look balanced and not turn into a colorless space, furniture and accessories are bright accents in the room. They play up the dark background color. An atmosphere of happiness, peace and comfort reigns in this nursery, which will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

On a note!

  • It is important that the girl's room is not overloaded with unnecessary details, bows, ruches and furniture.
  • Choose high-quality furniture for children and give preference to models made of wood and other natural materials.
  • The dark board surface of the floor in combination with lighter walls and a ceiling visually makes the room more spacious.