Organization of space

How to place accents in a bright interior

This Swedish apartment has subdued us to itsendless snow-whiteness and how harmonious, cozy and stylish can a monotone space look. Want to know how to properly place accents in a white interior? We will now tell you It's no secret that they are favorite for many designers. After all, they are like clean canvases for the artist and are an excellent basis for any compositions and color combinations. But in order to understand how to make such an interior ideal and where to place accents, it is best to turn to real examples. One of such stunning models for imitation can be called a two-level apartment from Sweden, with which we now get acquainted.

Attic in Swedish

Located on the top two floors of the ancientbuilding in Stockholm, the apartment occupies a total area of ​​117 square meters. Its interior is made in the traditional for these edges, but the elegant color scheme and the presence of vintage elements makes it more original and distinguishes from the total mass. It is very captivating that here every room is like a continuation of another, and the whole space looks very harmonious and peaceful. Quite often in monochrome interiors designers use different shades of the main color to make space more voluminous and visually interesting. However, in this apartment there is not even the slightest hint of such an approach and everything is based on a white-and-white.

Features of the layout

On the first floor of these apartments we will finda secluded bedroom, a home version of the office, a bathroom, as well as a large kitchen and a dinning area adjacent to it. Particularly I would like to mention the state-of-the-art equipment of the kitchen, as well as the chrome-plated elements in technology, which incomparably shine in the rays of a wonderful multilevel one. Rising to the second floor, we will find a master bedroom and a cozy living room with glass partitions, which make the space holistic and airy. And, of course, it's impossible to pass by the spectacular transparent floor of glass.

Floor or ceiling?

The glass floor in the living room is also a ceilingabove the kitchen and dining room, which means that the owners will have to wash it from two sides. But for the sake of such beauty it is a mere trifle. But such a floor-ceiling gives an even greater influx of light into the apartment, which visually expands the space and creates a sense of freedom. On the first floor, the floors, of course, are no longer so spectacular, but nevertheless the glossy red-brown laminate looks excellent and just as well fits into the overall picture of smoothly flowing rooms in another room.

Important Accents

And to ensure that the white interior is notcool and uncomfortable, they added the warmest and home element - and this, of course, the tree. Together with white color it looks simply amazing and perfectly compensates absence of other shades. There are a lot of contrasting wooden accents in the apartment: an antique buffet in the dining room, where white porcelain utensils are stored, another furniture similar to the second floor, living room furniture, floors, kitchen top, rattan chair, several decor elements and even a staircase. By the way, if you do not look at the semi-transparent fastenings, it seems that the ladder with steps from the dark tree seems to float in the air, and it really looks exciting. In addition, the availability of leather furniture and antique wooden beams adds additional texture, originality and color to the space. It is also important the abundance of glass and reflectingSurfaces that allow filling the room with light and visually increase it. Therefore, crystal chandeliers, huge mirrors and chrome elements have not only an aesthetic component, but also practical value.