12 fabulous stove-kitchens

What do you imagine when you hear about summerkitchen? Obviously, a small and very close extension to a village or country house. But Horatiu Mirza from Romania sees it in a completely fabulous way Romanian designer Horatiu Mirza, together with his studio Egratare, came up with absolutely fantastic summer kitchens. Their purpose is outdoor cooking during the warmer months. All these kitchens are traditional country style, using only natural materials, bricks and special processing. To date, the designer has come up with 12 summer kitchens.

1. Summer kitchen "Christie"

This kitchen seems to fit perfectly into thethe surrounding landscape. It is made of bricks, it has a working surface, a grill, a pizza and bread oven and a place for storing kitchen utensils. And nearby there is a small, but very impressive lake.

2. Rural cuisine "Carolina"

The color of this kitchen is a bit unusual: it is not pure white, but slightly purple. From the amenities here there is a sink over the green door, large worktops, a wood-burning stove and everything needed for a barbecue.

3. Summer kitchen "Paska"

Fans of noisy parties such an idea exactlyenjoy. This kitchen is equipped with a multicolored backlight and is a mix of rustic and modern elements. It has a brick passage to the patio, a large refrigerator, a sink, a traditional wood stove, a cellar and a brick bar.

4. The castle in Transylvania with an open area

This kitchen was designed specifically forrestaurant with an open summer area. For her used not only brick, but wood and stone. Thanks to this, it perfectly blended into the surrounding landscape of Transylvania (Romania). The kitchen is decorated with forged details, and is equipped with a barbecue, a large table, a traditional wood-burning stove and a pizza oven.

5. Yellow melon

This is a very bright and unusual summer kitchen, reminiscent of a ripe melon. It consists of several modules, including a smokehouse, an iron barbecue, a traditional wood-burning stove and a large work table with a sink.

6. Summer Kitchen "White Farm"

This summer kitchen was designed by the designer specially for the farm, and it perfectly fits into it. There is a table, a grill and a wood stove. And the environment and nature around complement each other.

7. Traditional Romanian cuisine

Who among us in my childhood did not hear fairy tales aboutTransylvania? This kitchen is obviously charged with inspiration from those same stories and represents an ideal example of Romanian traditions. Details in the form of ornaments made of wrought iron, brass hinges, lanterns, wooden doors and shelves for spices make this kitchen not only beautiful, but also extremely practical.

8. Summer kitchen of Lydia

This kitchen would fit even in the country. For her, a wood stove, a table, a barbecue, a pizza and bread oven, and materials made from bricks and white furnishings were chosen.

9. White summer kitchen

Of course, for the kitchen atypically totaluse of white color. But how effective it looks! In this case, there are no design frills and bloat. On the contrary, everything is very simple. A large work desk with storage space makes a small summer kitchen practical.

10. Summer kitchen Anamaria

This kitchen is not located under the open sky, butIn the shadow of the veranda - in case it rains or wants to hide from the hot sun. In this kitchen there is a table with a sink, a work table, a grill and, of course, an open fire.

11. Kitchen of the village hunter

This kitchen is decorated not just rusticdetails - a brick for her was taken by an antique. It's pretty dark and looks very impressive. The kitchen countertop is made of granite, the gas stove - with 4 burners and electric ignition, and the wooden door is decorated with iron loops.

12. John's Summer Kitchen

The design of this space is simple, but interesting. The kitchen is equipped with a work desk, a bread oven and pizza, a grill and a traditional smokehouse. In the decoration used brick and decoration forged elements.

If you decide to make such a kitchen at your dacha, that's what you need to know about it.

  • Do not place the summer kitchen next to the gas pipeline, power lines, trees. And again: if you arrange it very close to home, then smells of smoke and smoke will come to him.
  • If you build the furnace yourself, do not at any rate grind the flue pipe. And at the top of her make a swell (swelling) - so the pull will be better.
  • For the furnace, you need to calculate the height correctlyfoundation. It should be higher than the usual height of meltwater in spring and rainwater during downpours. The fact is that in the solution for laying bricks there is clay and sand, and they are washed out with water.
  • The shed should be made spacious so that the water does not fall on the working surface of the summer kitchen during the rain.
  • All materials must be non-flammable andfire resistant. And if you have a built-in woodpile for firewood, then it should be made of gas silicate blocks. The furnace of the stove-barbecue and the chimney are laid out of red stove brick. The hearth, grill, grate bars, gratings, lining, pedestals-baking should be made of cast iron.