How to grow strawberries on the balcony: beautiful ideas and tips


You do not have a site, but there is a small balcony incity ​​center? Congratulations: you can grow your own organic berry here. Today we will give you some tips and ideas on turning the balcony into a strawberry clearing

Berries on the balcony

almost any berry can be used, includingshrub. The list of species is plentiful: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, yoshta and others. In the case of perennials, dwarf forms are used. But for the bottom line, strawberry / strawberry is the best choice. The strawberry bush is compact, requires little soil, bears fruit abundantly throughout the season. Here are the basic rules, the careful observance of which guarantees large yields.


Light, fertile, multicomponent, enriched. Acquired or prepared, but do not overdo it with organic!

Additional fertilizing

It is better not to feed "chemistry", content with the original reserve of minerals and organics. Adding neutral peat to the soil, clean sand, hydrogel. It is desirable to change the soil for the next year.


on the sunny side - or you need to lighten the bio-lamps.


It is necessary to provide for the construction of a protective semitransparent screen that dissipates the direct sun.


Strawberry loves moist soil: watering often and little by little. Overmoistening is unacceptable.


A good drainage is needed, which normally moisturizes the skin for a long time. For a compact container this requirement is very important.

Air humidity

The air on the balcony is overdried. Humidity should be artificially increased: glazing, moisturizer, spraying, open water in a flat dish.

Material of pots

Better to take plastic containers / pots, plantersand hanging coconut pots, pocket geofabric. Now there is a large selection of unusual containers and devices for growing vegetables and berries in a confined space.

Shape of pots

The lobed root system requires a wide and shallow dish.


Popular varieties of strawberries: Elan, Sarian, Moscow delicacy, Homemade delicacy, Elizabeth II, Alyuba and others. The best strawberry varieties: Tuscany (fruit-decorative), Roman, Florian, World debut and others. Our opinion: - The cultivar of "Tuscany" is ornamental with a bush, long flower stalks with bright flowers, a good abundant harvest of scented berries.

Growth Technology

Depending on its size, the cultivation of strawberries / strawberries (and flowers) is possible in:

  • outer boxes;
  • containers;
  • pots of different species;
  • suspended pots;
  • vertical beds (pipe, cabinet, potty-hills, "pocket" bed, bag, flat shelves).