Laying of laminate on linoleum: preparation and installation


Starting repair in the apartment, you need to beready to the fact that this work is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Need attention, accuracy, the availability of certain knowledge and experience. Especially it concerns such works as laying of floor covering. Often during the repair, the question arises: can the costs be reduced, is it possible to lay the laminate on linoleum? Scheme laying linoleum and laminate. Linoleum - a coating that used to be ubiquitous. It is durable, but its decorative surface eventually wears off, it is easily scratched. More decorative and interesting in the performance of laminate. It has a stylish appearance, strength, resistance to many types of effects. There are special types of laminate that can be laid even in the kitchen. Linoleum does not need to be dismantled before the beginning of the work, it resembles a special substrate in its properties.

Is it possible to lay the laminate on the linoleum?

Laying the laminate on the linoleum in the room is not so complicated, in many respects it is even more profitable. There are several advantages: Scheme laying laminate with corner lock.

  • The product allows to improve the sound insulation in the house, since the laminate itself can not provide noise insulation, any sound becomes perfectly audible to the neighbors.
  • The floor will turn out to be warm, i.е. You can avoid large expenses for heating rooms in the winter. This is especially true for the first floors.
  • With the preservation of the old linoleum, it is possible to avoid mounting a special warm floor, as the coating turns out to be warm in itself.
  • Linoleum serves as a special cushioning substrate for laminate. It is necessary for proper load distribution on the boards.
  • But is everything so rosy? Laying the laminate on linoleum is not always possible, not every coating can be left. You can not use old material in such cases: Laminate structure.

  • If the blade is too rigid, the boards will sag during operation, this will distort the surface.
  • To provide the necessary conditions forexploitation, linoleum should have cushioning properties. For example, they do not have too hard coatings. It is required either to use additional substrates, or completely to remove linoleum. Otherwise, the boards are cracked.
  • To qualitatively lay the laminate on the linoleum, you will have to provide a layer of waterproofing.
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    Requirements to the base

    When installing new flooring material, certain conditions must be observed: Scheme laying the laminate near the doorways.

  • The old coating should be soft, non-worn. Otherwise, after laying it will start to bend, its locks will quickly come into disrepair. In the end, all this will lead to the fact that the laminate boards will begin to become covered with cracks.
  • The surface of the substrate must be flat, dry, free from any signs of damage. Linoleum to the base base should fit tightly. Bubbles, cavities and other similar defects are inadmissible.
  • Many mistakenly believe that the presence of linoleumIt makes it possible not to apply any more coatings, but this is not so. It is required to provide a layer of waterproofing. In some cases it will be necessary to lay a special substrate to ensure all conditions for proper operation.
  • For installation specialists recommend to take a special composite material. It consists of 2 layers of polyethylene, between which is polystyrene.
  • In order for the coating to be laid correctly,preliminary examine the condition of the base base, eliminate all defects. If an existing canvas is damaged or has defects that make it impossible to use it with laminate boards, it will still have to be removed. If the coating is excellent for carrying out work, then it is necessary to prepare: Tools for laying laminate.

    • substrate of the selected type;
    • glue;
    • laminated panels (it is preliminary required to withstand the open packs in the room where the material will be used for 2 days);
    • building level;
    • a hammer;
    • Clamps;
    • wooden wedges;
    • electric drill;
    • a regular ruler, a simple pencil;
    • jigsaw for cutting panels.

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    Preparing the floor for a laminate

    When you plan to lay the laminate on the linoleum,it is necessary to give utmost attention to training. For the installation of lamellas, a strong, absolutely level base must be prepared. This is an important condition, otherwise a scratch will be heard during walking, locks quickly fail, and the lamellas themselves will crack. Diagonal laying of the laminate. Before the work it is important to perform a number of preparatory processes. First you need to inspect the base. It should not have swellings, large rips, cracks, lagging parts. Such material is no longer suitable for use, it will have to be completely removed. For laying the laminate, only an even, clean, whole coating is suitable. If the linoleum has traces of mold, then it should be removed, but it will be necessary to inspect the base floor, which can also be damaged by the fungus. If the laminate is whole and even, has the necessary damping properties, then it must be washed, then dried. Laminate should be unpacked, then approximately for 2 days to stand in the room where it will be laid. To lay the laminate on linoleum, you need to prepare the tools and materials that were mentioned earlier. Then it is necessary to put a layer of the combined substrate providing not only cushioning conditions, but also hydroprotection. Usually, a roll material is used, which is accurately rolled out on the surface with an overlap. Joints are glued together by building tape. Back to contents</a>

    Laying the laminate on the old linoleum

    During operation, it is important to observe the technologylaying of the laminate on linoleum, which is not difficult, but requires attentiveness. It's clearly not necessary to hurry here. Begin laying is recommended from the far corner, gradually moving to the exit. Panels do not need to be cut immediately, it's best to do it as the material is mounted. Between the wall and the panels, it is necessary to observe the temperature gaps of about 10-15 mm, for this, wedges made of wooden slats or plywood are used. They put before installation, after laying they are removed. The remaining joints will then be masked by a skirting board. After installing the first panel, it is necessary to grease the front lock with glue, insert the second panel into it at an angle and gently lower it until the lock snaps into place. Also fit the other lamellas in the row. The next row is performed from the cut piece of the board, the wide part is glued with the glue, after which the lock is snapped in the same way as in the end piece. In this way, the linoleum is laid in the entire room. If you use diagonal styling, you should start from the corner, but the panels are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Such a styling will be more presentable. Is it possible to lay laminate boards on the surface of the old linoleum? Yes, but some conditions and limitations must be observed. The work itself differs little from the usual laying of lamellas, but the linoleum coating must be inspected before that. </ ul>