Repair of old floors: removal of chips, scratches, other defects

Floor coverings are the most exploitedstructures located in the apartment space. Therefore, they are subject to wear and tear. If the old floor is badly worn, it must be repaired. High-quality renovation of the old floor brings beauty, cosiness, freshness to the atmosphere of the room. Floors are part of the building structure. When operating flooring on the durability of the structure affects the humidity, various damages, deformations, loads, conditions and correct operation. Layout of the device of a floor from a laminateThe scheme of the device of a floor from a laminate.

How to repair a floor from a laminate?

To repair old floors from a laminate is not a special complication. Repair work is conditionally divided into types:

  • with the use of dismantling damaged panels and their replacement;
  • an indispensable method, consisting in the restoration of panels made of laminate.

Laminate flooring is characterized byhigh resistance to external factors. But there comes a time of its deterioration, repair is required. It should be noted that it is not possible to install heavy furniture on the laminate, it is not recommended to glue the panels to one another when installing, this makes it difficult to dismantle the damaged area. During repair work, the floor covering must be disassembled to the damaged area. Dismantling is carried out from the nearest skirting board; replacement of the worn out area is made. If the technology and installation conditions required a mandatory connection of the slats, there is no point in separating such a flooring. Worn out areas are cleaned, treated with putty on wood, also acrylic or latex, acrylic sealants, based on acrylic polymers. Tools for repairing the floor from laminate. The material is highly adhesive, only used in dry rooms. To create a level surface, 2-3 coats of sealant are applied. Each layer is carefully dried. At the end of the installation of the flooring joints are treated with a special impregnation for the joints, it prolongs the life of the coating, prevents penetration of moisture. On the floors of the laminate, all sorts of scratches often appear. They are removed by applying a hard wax pencil, the shades are selected under the tone of any floor covering. Wax is preheated, the scratch is shaded with a wax pencil. There are special kits, through which the defects are removed. A special putty based on wax is included. The material is applied to the scratch with rags, rubbed. The work is repeated until the defect disappears. Before work it is necessary to prepare a site of a laminate, to remove garbage, to make wet cleaning. Large defects are also embedded in masking compounds, putty on the basis of epoxy resins. When the chipping is restored on the surface, the floor is pre-cleaned, leveled, and a layer of epoxy resin is applied. If necessary, the composition is tinted under the color of the laminate. Back to contents</a>

Restoration of concrete floor: removal of small cracks

The most economical type of flooring is monolithicconcrete plates. They wear out during prolonged use, require repair, eliminate cracks, chips, various scratches, other defects that contribute to the accumulation of dust and dirt. At restoration works high-quality polyurethane materials, polyurethane floors are widely applied. Compound as a thermoplastic polymer resin, part of the repair materials, forms a surface that resists shock, abrasion, moisture. In the process of using tools and materials: Scheme for dismantling concrete floor screed.

  • sealants;
  • polyurethane floors;
  • roller;
  • putty knife;
  • solvents;
  • binding agent (cement).

Concrete is cleaned, a primer is applied. For the preparation of the primer, a solvent is used, which is diluted with 30% compound, the floor is filled with the prepared composition, to apply a uniform composition over the surface, a roller is used from the velor. The primer layer helps to dedust the surface, then another layer is applied, consisting of a compound, filler, quartz sand. For practicality and durability, a final, third layer consisting of a compound is created. A reliable coating has a service life of 10-12 years. Sometimes in the concrete coating there are small cracks, which are considered a violation of the installation technology. Some cracks can be treated with a sealant to seal joints, the sealant contains polyurethane. Defects on the floor pre-cleaned, then treated with a primer, a sealant. Sealant is rubbed into the edge, excess material is removed with a spatula, the surface is leveled. The treated surface is covered to avoid foreign particles and dirt. Back to contents</a>

How to eliminate significant cracks in concrete floors and repair the floor covered with carpet

When cracks on a monolithic concrete floorsignificant, you can use materials for polyurethane self-leveling floors. Defects are cleaned, filled with a compound, which is prepared by mixing the compound with cement, grinding to the level of the main floor. The curing agent is mixed by 50% with the solvent, the resulting compound is mixed with the compound, a primer is made. After an hour, create 1-2 layers of polyurethane compound. The restored surface is allowed to harden for 72 hours. To repair the floor covered with carpet, remove the cuts from the surface, you need to apply glue under the carpet with a syringe, press the edges together and to the floor. When the carpet is burned, it is possible to shear in another area of ​​the pile covering. If this can not be done because of aesthetic considerations, you need to try to buy exactly the same piece of carpet from the scraps in the construction markets, cut off the pile from its surface. The pile is mixed with a colorless lacquer (glue), the resulting composition fills the defect. For large damaged areas, patches are used for restoration. With a huge area subjected to significant damage, it is required to replace the entire coating. Modern high-quality materials and innovative technologies make it possible to effectively repair any type of flooring, to extend its life.