Redevelopment of a small bedroom in New York: before and after


Desirable but expensive housing in New Yorkimposes a lot of restrictions. Something must be sacrificed, but not convenience and not beauty! Look at this curious option for remodeling an apartment in which the bedroom and living room have changed places Searching for housing is a difficult period in the life of any New Yorker: the price is prohibitive, good options are snapped up like hot cakes, apartment owners require recommendations and certificates of reliability. The girl who described her makeover for SuCasa on moved to Manhattan from Los Angeles. And it was not easy for her either, but she tried to squeeze the maximum out of her apartment. This is how the premises looked like before she decorated them. Most likely, she was advised to arrange the roomsas it was done by all residents of the house with such a layout: the living room is in a room with a brick wall, the bedroom is in a room with a window. But our heroine did the opposite and "won" as a result of a quiet bedroom and a cozy living room. Let's learn more about the main design findings.

Brick wall

Manhattan style trademark - brickmasonry. Initially, this technique emphasized the beauty of the space without unnecessary interference in loft apartments converted from warehouses. But brick may well be decorative and appropriate even in a small room. By the way, on our site there are articles with very beautiful ones.

French sliding door

The door allows the maximum amount oflight into a dark bedroom, can be easily removed into the walls, saving space, and at the same time protects the mistress's sleep from the noise of the metropolis. Take a look at other examples of the use of sliding doors in the interior.

Mirror in the living room

To a small room a large mirror will addlight and space. The entire room is viewed from the couch in it and this adds a sense of security. In such a living room you want to read, sitting comfortably in a chair, or drinking wine with friends.

Color and texture

Please note what colors and textures you chosethe heroine - she wisely preserved the light walls, which benefited the cramped rooms, and the roughness of the brickwork set off the softness of fur skins on the floor and sofa, the airy texture of the curtains - all this is visual. Check out this technique in other interiors.


Abstract paintings, a living orchid, an elegant oriental vase - all the elements of the decor characterize the hostess as a person with a good taste, a broad outlook, striving for harmony. A photo of the project of our nameless heroine can besee online with comments from realtors from New York. They claim the makeover is a live advertisement for tiny Manhattan apartments that aren't cheap but look like a million dollars when done right!,