Signs of cities: from Moscow to the very outskirts -


What are the differences between Arkhangelsk and NizhnyNovgorod? What can regional architects showcase? The Signs of Cities exhibition showed that Russia has a lot of interesting things. The best regional practices in the field of development and renovation were presented as part of the large-scale project Signs of Cities at the XXI International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow - 2016. The Signs of Cities exhibition is one of the parts of this large-scale project. To work on the exposition were invited "attendants" from each city presented at the exhibition: Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Vologda, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Samara, Tver, Yaroslavl. They made collages with "signs" of cities that make one city different from another. Illustrator students from the course of Victor Melamed at the British Higher School of Design, especially for the opening of the exhibition "Signs of Cities", prepared lampshades on which they depicted the inhabitants and characters of cities - real people and literary heroes. Bright lampshades illuminated from the inside filled the exhibition space. It became possible to realize such an unusual exposition solution due to the fact that the project was supported by the Saros company, which specializes in lighting solutions. On May 19, within the framework of the regional day at Arch MoscowConference "Signs of cities. The best regional practices in the field of development and renovation. " To participate in it were invited leading urbanists, developers and architects, among them: Eugene Ass, who told about the reconstruction of the Arsenal in the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, Alexei Ginzburg, who presented the project for the renovation of the Kamelia Hotel in Sochi. Nikolay Lyzlov spoke about the redevelopment of the Azimut hotel in Novosibirsk, and Alexei Rosenberg about the new resort Konakovo River Club. Julia Zinkevich - the author of the project, curator of the exhibition"Signs of cities", conferences and awards "Signs of cities. The best regional solutions in the field of development and renovation. " Head of the Communication Agency "Rules of communication" Anna Evstigneeva, Project Coordinator and Lyudmila Malkis, Conference Producer at the exhibition "Signs of Cities" Ivan Kozhin, GAP, "Studio 44", the project "Heart of the City", Kaliningrad Alexey Kashin, director of the group of companies "Bearing systems" Mark Kagansky, developer Konakovo River Club Anton Nadtochiy, architect, AB Atrium Vitaly Stadnikov, Deputy Dean, Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Urban Studies named after А.А. Vysokovsky. Ex-Chief Architect of Samara Natalia Fishman, Assistant to the President of Tatarstan Julia Bychkova, producer of the festival "Archstoyanie" Alexey Rozenberg, architect Alexey Ginzburg, architect, head of the workshop "Ginzburg Architech" Nikolay Lyzlov, architect Alisa Bagdonaite, director of development of the Center for Contemporary Art "Zarya", curator Vera Kvitkovskaya, director of the Cowberry. Management office » Yevgeny Ass, the architect of "The Signs of Cities" is not only the Exhibition and Conference, but also the Prize, which was presented to the best regional development projects in six categories:

  • Renovation and reconstruction
  • Public space
  • New residential construction
  • Public building
  • New resorts
  • The best idea for urban development

In each category, two winners were chosen. One noted the professional Expert Council, the other determined the popular vote on the portal

  • Nomination "New residential construction": Open voting - LCD "Southern shore" (Krasnoyarsk); Expert - the company "Brusnik": Microdistrict "European" (Tyumen), "European shore", (Novosibirsk).
  • Nomination "Public building": Open voting - Voronezh Chamber Theater; Expert voting - "Yeltsin Center" (Yekaterinburg).
  • Nomination "Public space": Open voting - "Shamsinur" (Almetyevsk); Expert voting - Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg).
  • Nomination "Reconstruction and Renovation": Open voting - author's hotel "Bronze Boar" (Voronezh); Expert voting - restoration of the library of Alvaro Aalto (Vyborg).
  • Nomination "New resorts": the results of the open and expert votes coincided, the prize was awarded to the natural and creative cluster "Nikola-Lenivets" (Kaluga region).
  • Nomination "The best idea for urban development": Open voting - a project for the development and improvement of embankments of the Kaban Lake system (Kazan); Expert voting - the project "Heart of the City" (Kaliningrad).
  • A special prize was given to the group of companies "Bearing Systems" from Novosibirsk.

Biotechnopark Koltsovo, Novosibirsk. The Parametric Architecture of SpaceStructure, "Carrier Systems" Project "Heart of the City", Kaliningrad The project of development and accomplishment of Lake Kaban, Kazan The natural and creative cluster "Nikola-Lenivets", Kaluga region Bronze Boar Hotel, Voronezh Reconstruction of the library of Alvaro Aalto, Vyborg Museum of Street Art, St. Petersburg Park "Shamsinur", Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Voronezh Chamber Theater Yeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg Microdistrict "European shore", Novosibirsk, company "Brusnik" Microdistrict "European", Tyumen. The company "Cowberry" LCD "Southern coast", Krasnoyarsk Curator of the project -Julia Zinkevich, general director of the communication agency "Rules of Communication". Producer of the conference is Lyudmila Malkis. Initiator and organizer of the project "Signs of cities" - communication agency "Rules of Communication", co-organizer - community of architects, designers, creative people Archipeople, the company "Saros", Barlinek and Rockfon. Strategic partners of the project: Repa, GMD, RRG, Urban Awards, Projectnext. Technical partners - Ceoffice, Milliken.