How to decorate the interior for the day of lovers: 40 best examples


How to make your interior exceptional in oneof the most romantic days of the year? Today we will share with you ideas that will help create a special atmosphere in your home.In fact, it is not difficult to create a festive and romantic mood. To do this, you will need the most simple helpers - candles, rose petals, paper and felt garlands, decorative hearts, pillows and photo frames. And the easiest way to transform a space is to decorate it with valentines, which are the traditional attributes of this holiday. As for the color scheme, shades of red, pink, gentle pastel tones are the best for creating a romantic atmosphere. The color of this year Marsala, which is distinguished by its depth and saturation, will look actual in such an interior. Surprise your loved one you can alwaysOriginal approach to business. For example, decorate his workplace with sticky note paper, make an original garland at the head of the bed or give him a pillow with a picture of lovely hearts. All this, it would seem, is a trifle, but how pleasant! After all, a good mood is built up of such small and kind surprises. And now we suggest you draw inspiration from our collection of interesting decor ideas.

Start the morning with a nice tea party. For the mood make the decor of tea bags in the form of hearts

The table is also decorated with paper hearts

And for a romantic dinner, think over the original layout

Beautifully look in the interior of decorative trees of branches

You can decorate such a composition with valentines with pleasant wishes

In the role of a vase, even a ceramic jug can act ...

... or a metal can

Even simple glass jars can be decorated ...

... and bottles

And if you decide to give your loved one a room flower, which will complement your interior, why not decorate it with small hearts

Do you like to present non-standard gifts?

In many houses today there are often fireplaces, and in apartments - pseudo-fireplaces. They are an excellent platform for experiments

Decorate it together with photos

But the idea for those who do not like to exhibit their photos parade

Love creativity - create decorative applique from paper hearts

Hang on the portal of the fireplace valentines

Create mood will help and paper garlands

By the way, about garlands!

Make them from multi-colored paper ...

... or from felt

Stylishly look and textile options

Think outside the box!

Continue the theme of garlands valentines, which are universal elements of the decor for the Day of Lovers

Look for the most unusual places, for example, on a chandelier ...

... or on the wall

It is interesting that you can make love cards not only from paper and felt

To do this, even sticky notes for notes

How do you cushion in the role of valentines?

Decorate the pillow with your own hands. Your chosen one will be flattered

Use the red ribbons

And hearts carved from colored fabric

Do not forget about love letters

They create a special mood

Especially if you decorate candlesticks in this way

Volumetric letters in the interior are very popular today

Do not forget about the bedroom

Romantic mood - in small details

Lovely hearts - a win-win option!

Give love to loved ones!