Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

So can only in Paris: a small minimalist apartment in the attic of the Mare quarter -


According to the expert, the interior of this apartmentCan be shifted to the canvas of any attic. And this is very good news, because, in our opinion, this project is just perfect, especially since it is implemented on a very modest square

Admire the western interiors we love. However, it is most interesting to do this in a company with a professional architect who puts the nuance of the project on the shelves and explains in simple words why it is impossible to look away from this particular apartment.

This time, we showed architect Mito Melitonian the work of his French colleague Margaux Beja. The apartment is located in the historic Parisian quarter of Mare. And that's what Mito told us.

- The first feeling from the project is perfection. And in many ways. Excellent work with space, materials and geometry. The latter, of course, was set by the roof slopes. However, the author very correctly emphasized its design, completely avoiding decor - only white color and, most likely, native beams.

White in this case has become an ideal background - the whole interior is built on accents. Despite the absence of a plan, one canThe pictures say that the zoning is very good. I especially liked how the bedroom is separated from the common zone. The apartment has only two windows, and in order to let in a maximum of sunlight into the living room and kitchen, the partition was made glass.

Ideas here are the sea: a fireplace shelf-niche, a wooden cupboard in which you can not see the doors (one of them, by the way, leads to the bathroom), and just a great workplace by the window.

The worktop with a drawer in the working area and the "cabinet-fence" in the kitchen was obviously done according to the author's sketches. The kitchen is quite modern, but thanks to the minimalist design it fits perfectly into the environment.

I think this interior can be shifted to any attic, if the height of the ceilings will, of course.

The architect clearly spent a lot on the projectHours. Here every inch is thought out and involved. Separate plus to the author for the ability to work with a dynamic space - the architectural features of the attic are not protected by plasterboard, but are woven into the interior. My score is 5! Photos of Alexis Cottin and Julien Fernandez