Organization of space

How to equip a narrow hallway -


What hangers to choose, where to store slippers and what to replace a stool that does not fit into a narrow hallway? About this and more, read in our new material

The issue of arranging any smallspace arises especially sharply after several years of habitation of premises. In order to avoid throwing and wasteful waste of funds, we recommend that you seriously attend to the task at the stage of repair. If you got a very narrow hallway, there are not so many options for working with it. 1. Custom storage system

Any difficult problem is most effectively solvedIndividually. In our case - with the help of furniture sets designed in accordance with the size of the hallway and your needs. 2. Hangers on the walls

If in such drastic measures there is no needAnd you are not going to store a large number of items or clothes in the hallway, we still recommend to think over at least a small system of hooks and hangers in case visitors arrive. A full stand you can hardly afford, but a few hooks on the rail - quite. 3. Narrow consoles

No matter how far your minimalisticLooks, you can not get away from reality - somewhere you need to hang keys, somewhere you still have to keep slippers, brushes and spoons for shoes. So, without a console, chest or organizer, even in a very narrow hallway in any way. The benefit of the market can now satisfy even the most demanding needs. 4. The big mirror

Everyone knows that mirrors expand space, not to take advantage of this opportunity in a narrow hallway is almost criminal. 5. Folding benches

If narrow benches do not suit you as a class,Take a look at full-fledged folding options. They practically do not occupy places, and thanks to the efforts of designers, even in "standby mode" they look quite interesting.