Organization of space

How to equip a small room: bedroom interior design

In a fairly modest size bedroom to accommodateEverything that is necessary is a complicated task, but interesting. We found 10 simple tips how to make the interior of a small room for sleeping and rest harmonious and functional. The statement that the bedroom is only suitable for sleeping is true, but often far from reality. In a modern modern apartment, the bedroom serves as both a cabinet and a wardrobe. We'll tell you how to equip a small bedroom as efficiently as possible and at the same time to preserve a cosiness.

1. Choose light bedding

Tune in to rest. In addition, white and pastel shades increase the space. But do not just stop at the color of walls and furniture. Choose the appropriate textiles and bedding. Too much motley will make the interior untidy, and monophonic - calm and harmonious.

2. The bedroom should have intimate lighting

The central light of the bedroom must be muffledAnd scattered, so as not to create unnecessary shadows. Chandelier choose adequate sizes - large in a small bedroom will look ridiculous. Do not forget about the wall lamps for reading, because the main light for ordinary vision will not be enough. Our opinion: - Floor lamps in a small room can take up too much space. And candles as additional lighting are suitable for the bedroom as well as possible.

3. If it's a canopy, then it's easy

If your goal is to zoned an already smallSpace bedroom, then an easy and transparent canopy would be appropriate. But if in your room there is no work area and there is only a bed, it is better not to do additional blinds.

4. Save on furniture, not on sleep

On the question "what furniture to buy for the bedroom?" You can unequivocally answer: only necessary! Get rid of all the superfluous things, especially from that,.

5. Make a bright accent on one wall

Designers are advised to choose to designBedrooms one or two colors. In a small room, you can add one more deep and rich color to these basic ones. Wall with contrasting wallpaper or painted in a dark color

6. Get rid of the headboard

At first glance, the idea seems strange, but ifYou decide to abandon the usual headboard, notice how much space will be released. The bed will be lighter and more mobile, and you can move it where you want.

7. Put the furniture on the legs

Such interior items will create a sense of ease and will not clutter up space. Instead of a heavy dresser, choose a dressing table on slender legs.

8. Think Storage Space

A huge wardrobe in a small bedroom - notThe best decision. Discard the standard storage methods and use the full potential of the room. Instead of bedside tables will help "win back" free space. Our opinion: - In a small bedroom it is not necessary to allocate space for several shelves, it is better to put one compact rack. The ideal solution is to make a niche in the wall where it can fit.

9. Build a "second floor"

Extremely conservative measureSpace, but with a competent approach it can make your interior interesting and individual. Ideal for studio apartments and for young, courageous couples.

10. Transform

Double standards are a trump card for a small room. It fits perfectly dual-purpose furniture: sliding desks with built-in shelves, a sofa bed, armchairs-transformers and other multifunctional furniture.