Organization of space

Bachelor's "den" with an area of ​​70 square meters

How to create a 70 square. M simple, stylish, functional and modern space for a bachelor? Let's look at a real example authored by an architect from Brazil Diego Revolvo Diego Revollo A well-known Brazilian interior designer and architect. He likes to work with minimalism and loft styles. In 2008 he created his own architectural bureau Diego Revollo Arquitetura. Personal site: The main emphasis in this interior is made on the fact that it had as much air, light and space as possible. The apartment has almost no partitions. Large windows, minimum furniture and decor - all this works for a visual increase in space. It can be seen that the interior is designed for rest and reception of guests. A large comfortable seating area, located in the living room area, invites you to sit down and relax. It is convenient to get together a big company to discuss the latest news from the world of cinema and art. And if you wish, this corner can turn into additional places for sleep (if suddenly sit-ups will drag on for a long time). In the dining room area there are also places forrecreation. But for work there is specially allocated a small room with a closing door. It's interesting that this secret shelter serves as a studio in which a young actor writes songs of his own composition. All pieces of furniture are medium in size and notClutter up space. The interior is made in the spirit of a modern loft with elements of minimalism. An important role in this apartment is played by color and texture. They give the space a masculine character and indicate that the owner is a creative person. And the lights on the ceiling indicate that he is an actor. Bordeaux curtains-partitions in the bedroom zone are harmoniously combined with the violet carpet of the living room and the yellow table in the dining room (everything is done in the trendy shades of this year). They serve as bright accents in the interior and serve as zoning elements. The cold shade of concrete walls, ceiling and floor makes the interior holistic, slightly brutal and visually expands the space, and the tree brings in it warmth and comfort. Elements of decor enliven the room. The big picture over the sofa focuses on itself, adds color to the interior and gives it a modern sound. Plants in the living room and in the bathroom work as color accents and bring in these rooms ekonotki. Pay attention to the original desktopA lamp that had just been dipped into cement. It echoes with an unusual chair of sandy shade and contrasts with mirror surfaces. All these elements create a balance in the room. Simple forms look like men's brutal, round lines of furniture soften the interior, and mirrors bring ease into the space. I would like to highlight an interesting optical device,Which works to increase space. Look at how interesting it is to beat the bedroom zone, next to which is the bathroom with glass partitions. Very bold and unusual! In addition, this option makes the room lighter. A mirror from floor to ceiling creates the illusion of a large window and adds light. Also, the visual increase in space is that there are no unnecessary objects in the sleeping area. And those that are, are reflected in the mirror, and thanks to this it seems that the room is large. The Brazilian architect Diego Revolvo succeededCreate a discreet and laconic interior. Here everything indicates that the man living here is young, successful and single. This is a place for parties, noisy gatherings and creative meetings.

On a note!

  • Frequent reception, which is used by modernInterior designers for visual expansion of living space, - panoramic windows without any curtains or tulle. He is especially relevant in loft styles, high-tech, minimalism. If you do not want to completely abandon the curtains, then make a choice in favor of blinds or Roman curtains, which can protect a summer day from hot sunlight.
  • In the interior there are fashionable colors this year,About which we wrote earlier. Bright and rich, they favorably look against the background of sandy concrete, emphasizing its rich texture. So the interior loses its monotony and becomes alive.
  • Do not bypass the contrasts. Combine glossy glass and rough concrete surfaces, wood and plastic, stone and metal.
  • To give the interior exclusivity, choose original decor items and unusual lamps.
  • Use mirrors and glass partitions to visually increase the space.
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