Interior of a one-room apartment

Stylish interior of a narrow and long apartment of 25 m2

Minimalism in action. We continue to acquaint you withinterior design options for small apartments. The area of ​​this apartment, located in Sweden, is small - 25 square meters. m. The room is decorated in the style of Scandinavians, which is acceptable in this situation. The layout of the apartment is not the best - narrow and elongated in length. The apartment has one room and a small kitchen. For the family, it is not suitable, but a student in such housing will be comfortable. Dark and white is always true Bright light refreshes everything Comfortable bed with natural textiles Red spot on the light wall Just everything you need Artificial brick on the wall is an interesting idea.The common space is equipped under simultaneously. The walls and the ceiling are painted white - this visually enlarges the room. The floor is very dark, there are green plants and many different accessories: pads, curtains, rugs. Warm blanket and jacket is very cozy Functional shelves for books Mirrored wardrobe doors, step to infinity Small, bright entrance. The apartment has very little natural light - a couple of windows, one of them in the kitchen, and a narrow door to the balcony. A lot of lamps, lights, make the room very light and light. Kitchen in gloss right decision Metal and wood perfect dining Soft mat is a good idea for housewives Built-in appliances minimum area Balcony for relaxing outdoors Lightweight table and chair design. Comfortable outdoor terrace Dark bath and white accessories Creative shower Steel roomy towel warmer Plan a small apartment

How to equip a small size

one. The color of the walls and ceilings should be bright - it visually enlarges the room. 2. The cabinet is located in the corridor, as there is no space in the main hall. This up to the ceiling holds a lot of things, and they do not take up extra space. In such projects, it is better to order furniture rather than buy. So you can come up with exactly what you want.