Organization of space

Top tips for the arrangement of kitchens, collected by us for a year -

The best time to repair in the kitchen than the New Year holidays, you will not find. And in order to make it easier for you to decide on the changes, we created a selection of the best advice on the arrangement of this space

Winter is a wonderful time when we practicallyWe do not get out of the kitchens. Here we are warm, hearty, calm. However, it is here that we are constantly missing something. Now is the time to correct the world for the better. Let's start with the kitchen.

Are the facades of your kitchen still made of boring MDF? You probably just do not know how stunning they will look in the glass. Now everything.

Handles, legs and hooks in your kitchen are no longer pleasing to the eye? Rip them off and go look for new ones. We, what they should be.

Do you know why German cuisine is so popular? No? Not so long ago we wrote just on this topic.

The desire to follow the trends on the heels does not let you sleep peacefully at night? Our most fashionable colors for the kitchens found you.

New year has already come, but you have not yet navigated in the wonderful world of interior trends? We are here to

Why do you need kitchen cabinets without pens? They are easier to wash, easier to open and close, they are cuter and look more expensive.

A table that disguises itself for something else is not an interior thriller, but for those who need to save space in the kitchen.