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The secret of the popularity of German cuisines -

When we hear the words "German design", weThink about efficiency, practicality, functionality. Quality, extremely useful in the design of space, where everything should be in its place for maximum convenience. Read in our article all about the secrets of eye-popping kitchens from Germany Made in Germany - still a kind of quality sign. Traditional features of a national character, such as thoroughness, scrupulousness, pedantry, are reflected in ideas that make everyday life easier. In the 1920s, the legendary Bauhaus art school, opened in Germany, actually became the cradle of design in its modern sense. It was here that the philosophy demanded to this day was formed: every object must fulfill its practical functions and be convenient, accessible and beautiful. To observe how this approach is being realized now in the field of creating unique cuisines is a pleasure for the consumer. Olga Lesina, interior designer: - Kitchen - a place where everything should be at hand. So the work is more effective, and the mood is better. German design 100 per cent performs all the tasks related to the convenience, functionality, ergonomics of all parts of the headset - from handles to built-in weights, from the table top material to the facade lines. All the filling of boxes and cabinets is thought out in advance, you do not have to decide for yourself where to store spices best, put a trash can, arrange space for household appliances. The key word here is "practicality", it is she who makes kitchens designed in Germany so popular and convenient for living. The effectiveness of the form The combination of the rejection of unnecessary parts with the highest quality is the secret of popularity all over the world. Smooth surfaces, clear lines and symmetrical shapes are added to the finished image, which does not cause questions like "why is this here?". Everything is in its place and everything works in the best way. This effect is called "engineering aesthetics" - the beauty of the achievements of technical thought. Kitchen Ultima factory EWE, salon "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen Classic FS factory Leicht, salon "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen Alea factories Varenna, salon "KitchenInteriors "Ergonomics Have you heard of the" Frankfurt cuisine "? In 1927 it was invented by a woman architect, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, who worked in Berlin. Having carefully studied all movements of the housewife with the stopwatch during the work, she created a modular design, occupying only 6.5 square meters - not one millimeter was lost in vain. 18 trays, sliding doors,, compact built-in furniture, thoughtful placement of every detail - all this was a great time saving mistress. The idea in the basis has become a prototype of modern cuisines based on the achievements of the science of ergonomics - a discipline on the effective interaction of man with the environment. Modern reconstruction of the "Frankfurt cuisine" Kitchen ORLANDO | CLASSIC-FS 2 Leicht factories, interior "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen Twelve Handle factory Varenna, salon "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen Vida factory EWE, salon "KitchenInteriors "Functionality Proof of the unsurpassed functionality of German cuisines - their internal filling and equipment, which solves all possible problems. Are the spoons and forks in disarray? Please, here are special tabs in boxes with compartments for all cutlery. I want to store things on the open shelf from different spheres - mugs, plants, souvenirs, photos? A removable splitter will turn one large compartment into nine small ones at once. Top light is not enough for delicate operations with food? A convenient backlight is provided. German designers in advance thought out everything that you are just beginning to think about when planning a kitchen. Kitchen of the Leicht factory, interior "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen factory EWE, salon "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen of the Leicht factory, interior "Kitchen interiors"Modern technologies Progress on the spot is not worth it, and German cuisine is created at the most modern level. A few years ago, the lockers opening as if by magic from one touch, seemed fantastic. Now common and popular, and the mechanisms are all being improved - the opening is smooth, the door can go up or move to the sides and stop moving, meeting the obstacle. Another example is a speaker built into the kitchen module for perfect sounding of music or enjoying your favorite films without interrupting production. It can be safely said that the design now directs all efforts to ensure that when we think about the beauty of the interior, we do not in any way sacrifice comfort - this is indicated by all of it. Inna Raskina, interior designer: - Modern kitchen models, regardless of the country of production, are similar in design and ergonomics, and it's not a secret for anyone. Adherents of modern style have a huge choice for realization of their design ideas in the interior of the kitchen. But I can say with certainty that there are differences in the approach to design and creation of kitchens by German manufacturers. It is in them you will see a bright, stylish, without fail taking into account all the latest innovative solutions manifestation of high design in the kitchen space.

  • For example, lviv beauty salonsDesigned in such a way that ensure a smooth transition of the kitchen to the living area. In them you will find not only classical elements - a wardrobe, a sink, a stove and a refrigerator, but also a showcase with illumination for art objects, a library for inspiration, a fireplace or, for example, a wooden bench!
  • Another example: Using unique technology of edging of cabinets with a special edge with a tubular seal, German kitchen designers have achieved additional protection from dust entering the cabinets. A very useful innovation, and at the same time, an additional quietness is provided when closing the door.
  • I also want to note one more feature inApproach to the design of German cuisine - increased attention to functional accessories. One of the most useful additional elements that the Leicht kitchens are equipped with is the drawer opening system under the trash can. At the plinth level, there is a sensor that responds to movement. The functionality of such an accessory can not be overestimated.

You can list the advantages of performance for a long timeGerman cuisines, but for me their main difference from other, no less respected producers is a special style. It combines practicality, elegance, cleanliness of the right lines and at the same time has unlimited possibilities to give the kitchen a completely new, unique look. Kitchen LARGO-FG | IOS-M of Leicht factory, interior "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen factory EWE with built-in speaker, interior "Kitchen interiors" Kitchen factory Varenna, salon "Kitchen interiors"