Wallpapers in the bathroom and for the bathroom: 25 unusual ways to surprise friends


How quickly and qualitatively to update the bathroom? If you are looking for fresh ideas, try using wallpaper. But not simple, but special - moisture resistant. They have excellent characteristics and are an alternative to ceramic tiles. Bathroom wallpapers allow you to fantasize with the color and style of the room. It is a reliable and worthy material, thanks to which it is easy to change the external appearance of the space. In our review we will acquaint you with the main types of wallpaper for such rooms and tell about their advantages.

Arguments in favor of wallpaper

The wallpaper option suits you if you wantquickly and inexpensively refresh the bathroom, as well as try yourself in the role of a designer. The cost of wallpaper is many times inferior to ceramic tiles. You can paste over the room on your own, without resorting to the services of a specialist. A variety of colors allow you to experiment and implement the most incredible ideas. It turns out quickly and beautifully. The size of the room is not a hindrance to the style or color of the wallpaper. It is important to take care of good ventilation in the bathroom.

How to choose a wallpaper for a bathroom

Increased moisture resistance is the maina requirement that must be presented when choosing wallpaper for a bathroom. Consider the most popular types of moisture resistant wallpaper: 1. Vinyl wallpaper. Extremely dense and moisture resistant. They have a non-woven base and a polymer vinyl covering. They retain their color for a long time and do not deform at high humidity in the room. And most importantly, they do not emit harmful substances into the air. There are options interspersed with silk, felt, textiles, linen, cotton. They also produce vinyl foamed wallpaper with a pronounced embossed surface. Manufacturers usually designate moisture resistance in the form of waves (from 1 to 3). Pay attention to the three waves, this also suggests that the wallpaper is super sticky. 2.Glass wallpaper. Among other options, they are considered the most moisture resistant. They are made from thin glass filaments without paper components. The material is resistant to mold and mildew. It is easy to take care of such wallpaper. When pasting with any kind of wallpaper, you must choose a special moisture-resistant glue to them. The advantage of glass wallpaper and vinyl is that if you suddenly do not like the final result, they can be painted in any other color. 3. Self-adhesive wallpaper An alternative to vinyl is self-adhesive wallpaper. They are more budgetary. These wallpapers are impregnated with special glue and can be easily applied to surfaces. But in this case, the walls should be perfectly flat. It is not difficult to choose wallpaper for any style. After all, you can easily ask him a certain recognizable character.

Combined option

Great looking combo options, whenThe lower part consists of ceramic tiles (moldings, plastic), and the top of the wallpaper. The combination of different textures and colors is a field for fantasy and experiments. They look reliable and fundamental. And also protect against getting water on the wallpaper.

Visual effects: mask the protrusions, make accents

If the walls have irregularities and other defects, thendo not choose plain colors. Abstract drawings are good here. Colorful motifs are able to mask the protrusions. To avoid rippling in your eyes, add accents to the interior, it can be the ceiling, plumbing, lamps or towels. Wide horizontal stripes create less space compression, while vertical stripes can reduce the volume of the room.

We break the rules and break stereotypes

Despite certain design tricks andtricks, you can break the rules. The bathroom is just the place where you want to feel comfortable and good. If you like large motives on a dark background, why not? Well, let them visually reduce the space, but look how beautiful it can be. Want more vibrant colors? Please! Your bathroom design is your reflection. This is where your aspirations, habits and color preferences come into play. Do what you like!