Organization of space

Working triangle in the kitchen: the rule of a comfortable kitchen and the location of equipment

How to save time and effort in the kitchen? What are the ways to minimize physical stress and speed up the cooking process? It's all in the working triangle. Today, we understand what it is. Every hostess dreams that her kitchen should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible, and cooking and cleaning time should be kept to a minimum. To do this, it is necessary to properly organize the so-called working triangle.

The base of the kitchen triangle

The essence of the working triangle is quite simple -visual integration of the main elements of the kitchen, such as stove, sink and refrigerator. The cooking zone, the washing zone and the storage area are the main "whales" on which a competent approach is being built in the organization of space in the kitchen. Correct design in the future will save time and effort of the mistress. Elena Krylova, designer of elite interiors: - In different layouts, the triangle may look different. In a linear, for example, the third point can be a dining table that can be used as an additional work surface, just like in a kitchen with an island. L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens allow you to distribute the working triangle in large spaces so that everything is at hand. And in the parallel layout of the kitchen, it is advantageous to distribute the working triangle in this way: on one side there is a plate and a sink, and on the other side - a refrigerator and a working surface.

Standard distance

To the kitchen did not seem too cramped,The distance between work areas should not be made too small. At the same time, in order not to get tired during cooking, the distance also should not be too large. So how to find a compromise? Ideally, the distance is considered when all working zones are located at the corners of the triangle with equal sides. The optimal distance between the working zones is at least 1.2 meters and not more than 2.7 meters. These standards were developed in 1940 for small kitchens, but they are still relevant. Of course, it is worth remembering that the distance in the triangle depends on the shape of the kitchen and does not have to be perfectly equal. Our opinion: - When organizing the functional zones, it is not recommended to install the cooker next to the refrigerator or sink. It is desirable that there is some distance between them (about 60 cm).

Functional triangle in different kitchen layouts

The working triangle can be different, and itsThe exact form will depend on the layout of the kitchen. Consider the main types: In single-row kitchen layout, it is more convenient to arrange a sink between the stove and the refrigerator. This will ensure good access to products. It will not be difficult to reach them quickly, wash, cut and then cook. With a two-row arrangement of the kitchen is better workingthe triangle is made from two sides. That is, for example, a sink and a refrigerator to place on one side, and a plate - opposite them (in the visual top of the triangle). With the L-shaped layout, it is recommended to install a stove and a refrigerator in different corners of the kitchen, and between them arrange a sink. With the U-shaped layout of the kitchen, three rows of furniture are supposed, so it will be more convenient to place the car wash in the middle row, and place the other functional zones in opposite sections. With island planning, it is more rational to arrangeslab on the island, and on the other hand - a sink and storage area. It is possible, of course, to install a car wash on the island, but then additional costs will be needed to transfer the communications. Our opinion: - When planning the kitchen space, in addition to observing the necessary distance, be aware that under your feet you should not interfere with moving around the kitchen (stools, trash can and others). Anastasia Muravyova, interior designer: - Particular attention should be paid to the rule of the triangle, if two people are cooking in the kitchen at the same time. Trajectories of their movement with an incorrectly aligned scheme will intersect, which is not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous (for example, if someone is moving in the kitchen with a hot pan). Ideally, if the triangle is isosceles. However, this is not always possible. In small kitchens, a linear layout is often used, and then the triangle becomes a single line. In the case of a small kitchen, it is important to ensure that there are at least small working surfaces between the zones, otherwise it will be inconvenient to disassemble food and dishes, and the service life of kitchen appliances will be reduced. If the area allows you to place a dishwasher, make sure that it is located next to the sink, otherwise the process of loading the dishes will become more complicated. Linear layout should not be used in large areas, since the intervals between zones will be too long. In kitchens of medium size, a L-shaped layout is often used. Most often in the corner have a sink, and on two walls - cooking and storage zones, resulting in a regular triangle is formed. Sometimes a parallel layout is used: one wall has a sink and a stove, and on the contrary - storage areas. In this case, you need to take into account the width of the passage between two rows of kitchen furniture. If it is too large (more than two meters) or if there is a dining table in the center of the room, it will be inconvenient to cook. The variation of the parallel layout may be a kitchen with an island, but it requires a larger area. For ease of use of the island around it should be free space with a minimum radius of 1.2 meters. I prefer washing and cooking areas near, and not opposite, so that the landlady does not have to cross the passage between them with hot pots and wet objects. If the island is large enough, it can be built in and a plate, and a sink. Otherwise it is better to use it for storage or to provide there seats, and the main front of the kitchen to build on the principle of linear or angular layout, depending on the configuration of the room.,,