Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

How to make an apartment in the attic: a real example from Sweden

Non-standard approach, the right choice of colors,simple decor elements can make any interior cozy and homely. Even in a small area. In this we were convinced by the interior of the apartment located on one of the Swedish attics. The apartment is located in an old building, built in 1918. Not the simplest version of the layout: an attic with beveled walls, a window and beams on the ceiling. How did her tenants manage to get rid of the feeling of crowdedness, and turn disadvantages into advantages?

To get rid of the feeling of narrowness

Since the apartment has a small area andnon-standard layout, light gray palette is ideal for it. To visually lift and expand the space, the beams were also painted in one color. This erases the boundaries and removes the sense of tightness. An additional bonus is the window on the ceiling. This gives a feeling of airiness. Chandelier was specially selected in tone. Its broken form looks interesting: like a part of the ceiling or walls floating in the air. Apparently, an emotionally restrained student settled here. She is no longer a freshman, she likes to read and knit. Such an interior is chosen by serious, practical personalities.

In contrast

Optically changed the space was possible thanks tocontrast of light and dark. Particularly impressive are wooden objects, wicker baskets, creating additional coziness and warmth. In cold climates this is especially valuable. Hence the desire to better insulate, so knitted things as a decor so harmoniously look here. Paul has become an excellent background for the entire interior. In addition, the dark cover under the feet is associated with the ground, which gives the room a natural and calm. There is an opinion that the dark color of the floor visually narrows the room, but only if the color combination is incorrectly selected. In this case, this did not happen. Our opinion: - The owner of the apartment prefers black and white contrasts and in clothes. Wardrobe is selected according to the principle of convenience and practicality. The presence of a gray color in the interior suggests that the girl appreciates inner peace more than bright impressions.

Cons, which became pluses

A non-standard layout does not allow you to accommodatea lot of furniture, but the right approach helps to find a way out of any situation. Therefore, every corner of the apartment was used to the maximum: windows, and a place under the sloping walls. Some books just left on the floor. Near the chimney, they made a mini dressing room with a sliding curtain in the tone of the walls. No mess and clutter. Everything is in its place, and all things have quick access.

Style with a man's character

The interior is made in Scandinavian style, wherepredominantly male simplicity, restraint and naturalness. The Swedes differ in equanimity. Outwardly they seem very soft, but have a great inner strength. National traits of their character - endurance, independence and perseverance. It is not customary for them to display their social status. All these qualities are manifested in this apartment. Our opinion: - But still there lives a girl who loves jewelry. For their storage on the window there are special devices in the form of hands. The landlady of the apartment is not devoid of sensuality and elegance, although she prefers naturalness and restraint in everything.