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10 most important points of kitchen planning -


Are you going to convert the kitchen? Surely the head is already swelling with the amount of extremely important information that can not be let out of sight. Our material will help you to concentrate on the main thing and not forget about the details

When planning a new kitchen, we try our best toembrace the immensity and quite often we are distracted by what only seems important, losing sight of the things that really matter. Our top 10 things to keep in mind will take you back to earth and teach you how to tell the difference between wheat and chaff. 1. Kitchen triangle

This phrase is not at all newfangledFantasy, but a severe functional necessity. A kitchen triangle is the dependence of the location of the three main kitchen areas: a sink, a stove and a refrigerator. So that the triangle can realize itself in your kitchen, there should be no barriers between these three elements, and the distance between them should be approximately the same. Good news for the owners of small kitchens: you have every chance to create the perfect working triangle - the fewer steps you will have to make from zone to zone, the easier and easier it is to manage in the kitchen. 2. Functions

Kitchen - not a place to rest, it's workingA place where everything should be oriented first of all to the process of cooking. In other words, to prefer beautiful boxes instead of convenient and roomy ones is an inexcusable mistake that can bring a lot of troubles and regrets in the future. Choosing this or that solution for your new kitchen, try to approach the question from the point of view of expediency, functionality and as compact as possible. 3. Workspace

And here it is worthwhile to think carefully, to weighSeveral options and decide not only for yourself. The workspace is the zone where you, figuratively speaking, stand, bending over a pot, bowl or board, while you are surrounded by a mountain of food and dishes. Now think, will you stand there alone? Not tomorrow, but, say, in a couple of years. You are not distracted by a dog, a small child or - save you heaven - in-law? Is there a chance that after a while, two people will be in charge of the kitchen? Will they do this at the same time? Based on the answer, you can take a weighted decision about the size of the workspace. 4. Relevance

Technologies do not stand still, but rather cheerfullyWalk straight into the future. The temptation to keep some part of your old kitchen will be very great - pleasant memories, familiar comfort and the desire to save will actively resist the progress and your desire to start a new life again. We do not have the right to call you to burn bridges, but you must simply assess the prospects and consider more technological solutions to the old problems. 5. Personalization

We too often try to please others. For the walls of the living room, we choose the mother's favorite color, which she will see a couple of times a year, in the office we move the furniture so that it is more convenient for children to play hide-and-seek, and for the bedroom we look for a lower bed so that the dog can jump on it more comfortably. All this is nice and generous, but when it comes to the kitchen, the decision should be made by the person who spends the most time in it, and this decision should be as personal as possible. The way the chef prepares food with what feelings, fully reflects on its quality. And if at least one detail causes irritation or rejection, rest assured - in a couple of weeks, households will begin to increasingly use catering services. 6. Organizers

Modern kitchen technology allowsOrganize compact and convenient storage of almost any detail - from a teaspoon to a box of lentils. Neglect of such opportunities is at least short-sighted. 7. Technology

Before buying a kitchen set,Equip your new kitchen with all the necessary household appliances. Consider all the necessary sizes, shelves and drawers - this is one thing, to cut a non-standard microwave into the place where it was supposed to dry plates with cups - quite another. 8. Ventilation

A well thought-out ventilation system is fresh air, cleanliness and an entirely new level of comfort. Never and never forget it. 9. Accents

Focusing on numbers and schemes, tryDo not forget about the design. Your new kitchen should please not only convenience and functionality, but also charm and coziness. How to achieve it, depends on your own ideas about the beautiful, but there are areas that you can think of now. First of all, this is the kitchen apron. Here you can roam not only in choosing a palette, but also material, form, texture and pattern. And there is an internal space of open racks, an end of shelves, accessories, textiles and dishes. Do not forget about the chairs - they can become the main accent of the new interior. 10. Trends

They can seize your mind and demandRealization in every small detail: fashionable colors, materials, shapes, styles - all this is fine, but not always acceptable. The kitchen is not the space we want to change every couple of years, be reasonable and choose an option that lacks a clear time stamp to which it belongs.