An unusual house with plywood trim and furniture

If you consider a simple plywood suitable onlyFor a rough finish, this remarkable house will make you change your mind. And we will share with you a secret that helps inexpensive material to look interesting and make life easier. Passers-by on a modest suburb of Melbourne are sure to stop to admire this friendly home. Friendly in the literal sense - the bricks on his wall are added to the word Hello, with a narrow window inscribed in the letter O.

Earlier the building was a shop built inVictorian era, now there is an apartment and an art studio. The hosts are a young couple, open to everything new and affectionately loving their neighborhood, a picturesque mixture of 19th-century buildings, brick apartments of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, and small warehouses. A friendly house found its worthy place in this environment and, undoubtedly, pleased the neighbors.

Few people think about how his home will fit inArchitecture of the district or at least the streets, and this makes the living environment much more harmonious than the simple installation of a high fence, beyond which it is easy to hide. Why not make the same fence part of a common idea? As for the comfort of living, the project successfully met the interests of residents and observers. First of all, a brick was laid down the former showcase, which did not leave any chance for privacy to the residents, and the bedroom and bathroom were moved to the far zone of the site. A convenient garage door separates the patio from the street.

The idea with the laid out brick letters "greetings"Compensates for the fact that the house is hidden from the views of passers-by - now he literally invites to pay attention to it, stop and enter into a dialogue with the design. Authors - Australian studio OOF! Architecture, and the wall with a greeting - the work of the artist Rose Nolan (Rose Nolan). Rose Nolan, artist Melbourne, Melrose, RoseLikes to use in his works a stylized text and the simplest materials. Her corporate style is ironic slogans made in white and red, and her revolutionary ideas of Russian modernism are inspired in the context of Australian everyday life. Rose lives in the Russian quarter of Melbourne and has repeatedly visited Russia in search of inspiration. Unconventional facade hides an equally interesting inner life. The owners preferred to invest not in materials, but in technical skill of those who worked with them, and in a thoughtful design. This is the whole secret of the fact that the rooms, trimmed with inexpensive plywood and brick, look like a million. The combination of industrial ceiling structures made of dark metal and light gray floor of polished concrete makes the industrial style cozy. Neutral color palette, open planning and full-walled windows help create a light-filled space. Moreover, this is a house where, according to the owners, it is warm in winter and it is easy to breathe in the summer - the air circulates perfectly without encountering obstacles. Used in the design of walls, ceiling, from itThe closets and the kitchen island are made. Why is this a practical and relevant idea? The sheets are easy to process - they are durable and flexible. Uniformity does not cause boredom, because the design of each site is unique and created by nature itself. Plus, this design is environmentally friendly and literally breathes easily. The owners of the house work in the creative sphere, which is why, first of all, they were interested not in the external gloss and prestige of the interior, but in the possibility to translate their dreams and "play" with unusual textures. Another non-standard material - polished concrete in the finish of the floor - is perfectly combined with light wood and dark metal. By the way, all surfaces are easy to clean and wash - they are treated with special compounds that repel moisture and dirt. The room is separated by a linen curtain of sand color. We are used to the walls separating the rest area from the cooking area, but in such an extended house they would cause claustrophobia. The curtain is a solution that allows you to manage the space depending on the purpose: make it more intimate for a family holiday or hospitable for a party. The original brickwork behind the open shelves is an interesting background for books, trivia and souvenirs. Matte whiteness of the walls of this contrasting bathroomThe room balances the gloss of the black tile; The shower mixer and the faucet are also solved in a non-standard dark color - this avoids dilution of strict graphic design with splashes of metal. A large mirror creates a sense of spaciousness. The plywood here is also used, it is decorated, and this unexpected solution adds warmth and lightness to the laconic interior. Think about how to design a bathroom using only two classic perfectly matching colors, and the selection of accessories and parts will become very simple. A unusual finish of the ceiling - for example wallpaper or wood - visually stretch out a limited space, give him intrigue and coziness. The project of "friendly building" was in developmentMore than five years - so the circumstances of customers. The result demonstrates a remarkable combination of the beauty of external and internal, outrageous and practical solutions that allow the home not only to be comfortable for owners, but also to add something new to the history and appearance of the whole district.,