Garage arrangement

10 simple ideas for your own garage design


In today's story, we will introduce you toa few tips and rational recommendations for arranging the garage parking space, which will help the owners of the cottage to save square meters and things. Although we promise to clear the trash and debris tospring the area of ​​our apartment, but we can not do anything about the ugly chaos that is happening in the garage box. This is why we decided to share some quick and easy tips and tricks for cleaning up the clutter and making this room comfortable. Let's take a look at 10 easy DIY ideas for.

1. Walls in the form of baskets

You can quickly and easily install somewire containers on the wall to store various things in them. Rational arrangement of balls and hoses is another simple way to organize all the objects and products that easily create chaos and dust if they are not arranged in compartments and containers.

2. Plates and inscriptions

These can be stickers or full painting.doors and cabinets of unusual furniture coated for special marking. They will help to orient in the garage space to family members, and also to store items and products in a certain place. The main advantage of this decor method is the speed of implementation, which will take only a few hours!

3. Magnet Magic

For small tools and drill bits youcan use magnetic stripes on the free wall area. They can hang small parts and accessories that will always be at hand. This is a simple way to practical organization of premises and storage systems, as well as extremely easy to implement.

4. Original hooks

Take the long unused keys and turnthem in hooks for wall decor and as an original authentic accessory. On them you will be able to hang up working clothes, ropes and everything that should be easily accessible.

5. Banks and other containers

Arrange and split the nuts and bolts you canby adding some plastic toolbar toolbars. So it will be much easier for you to find the necessary part or element. All products will be sorted and placed in certain containers, and for additional convenience they can be attached to a wooden shelf.

6. Patchboard or board

Of course, you can always put a dial padperforated, where you can easily add some new hooks and reorganize the space in decorating the house. In addition, such an organizational idea can act as a “transformation” of the wall for a garage box! Tips and tricks for using this multifunctional device can be found on the Internet portal Small Interiors.

7. Practical buckets

Some shelves and a large set of segments(stickers) can really come in handy. This is another quick way to create a functional and rational area for placing things that will add a distinctive style to interior design and help maintain order among working tools.

8. Bungee balls

Using spring cords for storageequipment for a variety of sports is a wonderful conceptual idea of ​​transforming space. You can put both footballs and basketballs in such stylized nets! They are commercially available and extremely easy to install.

9. Hooks for helmets

With this creative idea of ​​creating a rationalplanning you will have absolutely no excuse why children do not wear helmets during classes and after school on cycling and rides. After all, now you need to contrive not to find them in a specially equipped place! Complete the wall decoration with small hooks on which these safety devices will be placed.

10. Disposal point

Instead of throwing water bottles andcardboard boxes in the corner of the garage, build a fast and easy-to-make trash station for the whole family. It can be built with the use of plastic boxes and boxes with inscriptions, which allows you to sort the trash into plastic and iron. We have presented to your attention an interesting andan extraordinary selection of conceptual ideas and creative solutions for organizing a garage room in an unusual house. Did you like these rational and practical ideas? Share your opinion on this issue in the comments below ...