Ideas for small interiors

Ideas for storing things in a small apartment. Tips

Unfortunately, most Russians have the areaapartments too small. In such situations it is very difficult to keep a huge amount of necessary things in order. The clutter makes the house uncomfortable, and life in it is uncomfortable. However, there is a solution. Designers have developed a large number of small thingswhich allow more efficient use of space. Such ideas can be divided into groups depending on the premises where they are used.


Few can boast a big chicthe bathroom. And after all the huge number of various things is stored here, without which not to manage in any way. The laundry basket usually takes up too much space. Install it in a small bathroom is absolutely nowhere. Keep the same dirty in the drum washing machine, as do many, it is not necessary. This may cause damage to the equipment. To solve this problem, you can use the original folding laundry basket. When everything is peeled, and the container is empty, it can be easily folded and put behind the machine. Many, sitting in the toilet, like to read a newspaper. To maintain order in this small room will help a unique holder for toilet paper. It has a special compartment for storing fresh press. If you have no room in the bathroom for shelves, andabsolutely no place to put a hot curling iron, get a holder. With him, the process of pointing beauty will be as convenient as possible. Or you can install shelves for small items right on the sink. You can store washcloths on special hooks that hang on the bar. A curtain with pockets just will not leave anyone indifferent. Files, scissors and other iron objects can be stored on charming magnets. And who decided that the washing machine must necessarily be big? This crumb is no worse than a huge fellow, but it takes up much less space.

Kitchen and dining room

Many can not boast of a large kitchen,which has enough space for a roomy bar. An unusual vertical wine cabinet can be a great way out. It is a holder hanging on the wall. As a result, you not only save space, but also get a chic designer piece that attracts the eye. Another great idea for organizing a barmay be a kind of shelf with several shelves. Not only a large number of various bottles, but also glasses, a shaker and other necessary trifles will easily fit on it. Guests just will not remain indifferent. Retractable storage for spices takes a verylittle space. Jars can be mounted on it with the help of convenient holders. Or it can be roomy drawers. Another great idea is a retractable pantry, which easily fits near the refrigerator. Chic thing - an organizer for dishes. Even a novice hostess can sew it. At the same time it looks very original, and a large number of pockets can hold a lot of items. Another great idea for storing dishes is a corner dryer. Saving cups in each other helps save space. This option does not require a lot of space. Get a folding float, and you get maximum comfort with a minimum of the required area. A convenient drawer for knives allows you to keep them in order. With such storage, they are absolutely not stupid from contact with each other. Recycle bin does not necessarily have to occupy the whole kitchen cabinet. Designers offer to hang it on the cabinet door. Those who do not have enough workers in the kitchensurfaces, it may be advisable to purchase an original chopping board. It is easily installed on almost any sink. In addition, having such an object in the kitchen, you can do without a colander.


In the bedrooms, living rooms and hallways space savingsis also a major issue. Design ideas not only help to use space effectively. They can be an excellent interior decoration. Using a towel holder to store ties, scarves and belts will help keep them in order. This idea makes it possible to find the right thing very quickly, does not allow them to be crushed. When this is achieved the maximum compactness of storage. If the area of ​​the room does not allow to install a wardrobe in it, you can store clothes on the vines hanging from the ceiling. Rotating cupboard is perfect even forsmall hallway or room. Its functionality is simply amazing. On one side there is an elegant full-length mirror. Turn this piece of furniture and a hanger or whiteboard will be available. In addition, the cabinet has many roomy shelves. To place jewelry and jewelry at allIt is not necessary to buy uncomfortable caskets. They are usually confused chains, and for earrings it is difficult to find a pair. It is better to get a holder for jewelry, hidden in the picture. And shoe lovers will love the shoe ottoman. He is able to hold several pairs of shoes. The original idea is to hide the ironing board behind the mirror. At any time, you can open it and start ironing. Unfortunately, there is not always room in the room.for the coffee table. Without it, it is difficult to do for those who like to eat, sitting at the TV. Come to the rescue original design, mounted on the armrest. It perfectly fulfills the function of a tabletop. A small sofa can be decomposed in a comfortable bed in a few seconds. This can be useful for those who often spend the night guests. The drawers built into the headboard of the bed will weigh a large number of books or magazines. It can be difficult to solve the problem of wires from equipment that are constantly underfoot. “Hungry” balls will come to the rescue. Each of them is able to “eat” up to five meters of cable. For the organization of additional lighting is not always required a lot of space. It is enough instead of a floor lamp or table lamp to use small lamps on the brackets. Even a small balcony can be a comfortable place to work or have lunch in the open air. It is enough to get a table fixed on the railing. Are you dreaming of a barbecue, but you have too little space in the yard or garden? Pay attention to the interesting idea of ​​folding wall construction. Designers successfully prove that smallThe area of ​​the apartment is not a reason to worry. It is enough to be bolder, turn on the fantasy, and all things will find their place. At the same time the house will be cozy and unique.