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10 things to do in the garden before April -


The first two weeks of March are already in the past, there are less and less time, but cases, as always, do not happen. Sharpen your secateur, it will soon be hot

Spring found its way and got to ournorthern lands. Not that it comes as a surprise, but the colder months increasingly seem incredibly long and almost endless to us. That is why it is sometimes very difficult to believe that the buds are about to open, and the nightingales will sing new hits. So we are wasting time, forgetting about important matters and starting the process of eternal time trouble. Today we will help you navigate the garden tasks that you want to start solving right now. There is still time. Snow handling

Snow with ice has not yet left our lands,Especially it is felt outside the city. We will not miss the wonderful opportunity to please plants with melt water and collect snow in all the empty containers that we have. Further it is necessary to walk along the garden and brush away the remaining snow from the branches and sprinkle icing at the base of the bushes with a layer of humus, peat or ash - so the ice melts faster. Sun protection

Soon the sun will finally come into its own.Right, and we'll start putting on sunglasses and exposing individual parts of the body. But trees should be protected from attacking ultraviolet attack. Therefore, we take up the brush and color the trunks, and somewhere and branches, with a lime. From caterpillars protection again. Treatment of wounds

Frost is merciless, and a drop of water,Penetrating into small cracks, expanding, creating the most real wounds, which, with the arrival of heat, must be cleaned, disinfected and covered with garden fumes. Circumcision

As soon as weather forecasters assure that frostsFinally left the land of your region, and the temperature rises above minus 5 degrees Celsius, safely remove the nook from the nail and indulge in garden self-mutilation. Deprive even the slightest chance of life for all the withered, diseased, growing branches, as well as those that violate the balance of the density of the crown. Protection against insects

If you have catchy belts and know the secret knowledge of their superposition, you can uncover the device and take up an active confrontation with the realm of insects.

Approach the bushes of currant and gooseberry, and ifThe kidneys on them have not yet opened, boil the water and pour on the bushes. The water temperature should be about 80 degrees, and you do it all with the same zhivodercheskoy goal of destroying insects. Homes For The Feathered

Do you like to wake up at half past five in the morning under the melodic trills of birds? March is the time to organize birdhouses. It is best to manage before melting snow. Preparation of greenhouses

Greenhouses and greenhouses need no less attention and care. In March, it is possible to start repairs, if required, and disinfect internal spaces. Care for sheltered perennials

Covered roses, hydrangeas and other perennials you have need to start airing. It is quite simple to do this, it is sufficient to periodically raise the covering material. Sowing of annuals

It's time to plant the seeds of biodegradable plastic on the trays and glasses of the annuals. Picks, fertilizing, transplantation

Anyone who requires the above should get it before the beginning of April. Of course, all the necessary manipulations will have to be done outside the garden and in the closest proximity to the seedlings.

Therefore, take a deep breath, get out rubber boots, garden gloves and start creating action plans for the coming weekend. They are now full of you.