Check-list: what you need to do in the apartment for the May holidays -


Have not yet figured out what to do on a legalized holiday? We have an idea! How about homework? We here and prepared the list

May holidays are about to reveal theirembrace the name of freedom from work duties, but not from household chores. What to do with yourself on these wonderful sunny days? We have an answer! And not even one. Wash the windows

The moment has come. Yes, most likely, this ritual action will cause rain, but now you can see it in all its details. And most importantly - the sun will be without any obstacles to get into your house, every second reminding that the spring has come, and the summer is quite soon. Refresh flower pots

Have you changed the winter wardrobe for the spring? And what are your houseplants worse? They also crave for beauty and change. They're alive! Arrange a place for breakfast on the sunny side

Total urbanism and work in the office plunge youInto the abyss of everyday life and the grayness of being? Develop a useful habit of taking sun baths during breakfast. What is needed for this? A small table for which you want to sit, a pair of comfortable chairs, a window with an exit to the east and a readiness for the blinding star of a star. Disconnect from TV

Forget about sitting around TV, pull out the antenna and get the rollers. In our northern country, it's just criminal to spend sunny days at the TV. Change textiles

Dense heavy curtains, thick rugs and velvet cushions have finally lost relevance and need rest. It's time for light, natural tissues of cool shades. Paste wallpaper

Winter with its withering away air and everything behind, which means that wallpaper and wall decorations, which have managed to peel off in the most unforeseen places during long months of cold, need your help. Reorganize the hallway

In your hallway still there is a box with stones forMelting snow, streams flowing from the shoes? Take it out in a long box and lay a rug with a high hard pile. And you can also put a rack for umbrellas. Tomorrow the rains promise.