12 unique bathrooms that can only dream -


Can not decide how to decorate the bathroom? Our small selection will give you some unusual ideas that will be very difficult to implement and almost certainly will not be able to forget

We all dream of an ideal home, and everyone has itspecial. We do not intend to encroach on other people's fantasies, but we venture to expand your comfort zone, showing truly amazing bathroom designs, some of which have remained just a dream for their creators. Caution! It is possible that our selection will complicate the establishment of a dream house and you will want something absolutely incredible.

The size does not matter, especially for the lavatory-box. Marble, mirrored tiles and the amazing play of light and shade create a sense of fairy tale - a room for Carroll's Alice, not otherwise.

And here it would be comfortable with Salvador Dali. Although for him it's still a bit rustic.

Lara Croft translates here the breath after a dangerous, but insanely interesting trips and, of course, kills invaluable hours of her free time to care for green exotics.

In one of the secret apartments of the secret agent of his royal highness in the middle of the living room is suspended such a bath.

Stripped from his natural habitat, Tarzan was adapted, including in this bathroom.

Wednesday Adams grew up and moved from her parents. Here is her bathroom.

But here every morning, he thoroughly washed and sets the perfect order of Cinderella. Her married version.

In this bathroom, singing to the morning nightingales, the neighbor of Cinderella - Snow White, suggests the marathon.

The washbasin of the erect Mermaid reminds her of youth, freedom and most native beings. Here, even the sconces are like bubbles of air.

Trinity has found a new place here.

Mowgli, who grew up, read the "Jungle Book" right here.

Mirrors are not here for one simple reason - this is the bathroom from the west wing of the enchanted castle. Belle had already put her nose in here and evicted all the spiders. And here is the bathroom of the Mad Hatter. Working on the design, he held back as best he could.