15 delightful bathrooms from the famous journalist's Pinterest

In search of inspiration it is so useful to flip throughInterior blogs and pages from Pinterest people with an exquisite taste. Today we want to share a selection of bathrooms that liked the famous journalist Nelly Konstantinova. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and most importantly - alone with ourselves. We can relax, relax and clean not only the body, but also the thoughts. It is important that, on the contrary, it inspires. We'll figure out what is needed for this. Nelly Konstantinova, journalist Nelly is a well-known journalist with a delicate taste and ability to pay attention to detail. Her publications on travel inspire not to stay at home too long, but to go to explore the world. Her gastronomic reviews are highly appreciated by restaurant critics. And her preferences in interior design impress the eminent designers. Nelly's own country house has more than once become the object of interior photography.

1. The floor is green

Usually in the bathroom do not pay due attention.Attention to the floor. Tile is convenient and practical. But it happens that the design of the floor can "make" the whole interior. As in the case with this graphical green coating. Make him a bath. Surprisingly laconic and yet life-affirming interior.

2. Trophies in the bathroom

It would seem that hunting trophies for the bathroom -Too inorganic accessory. But with a skillful combination with white tiles, a classic sink and posters in modern frames, such a room looks theatrically delicious. Nelli Konstantinova, journalist: "Here, Kisa, learn what can be done from a simple kolkhoz knot!", Ostap Bender used to say. Yes, friends, that's what you can do from a common bathroom in Stalin's style, if you take care of what's already there. The classic washbasin of the two taps is thoughtlessly pushed into the corner, the mirrors above it start high above your head (that is, you will not be able to shave your boyfriend and you will not be painted), but my favorite white 16 x 16 tile infinitely ennobles this extremist theatrical interior. For me, it is too deliberately monotonous, although perfectly balanced, with a touching reference to the time of building a house in the form of a thermometer on the wall, pharmacy boxes and a shower on the tub. But I "stuck" this picture from the Russian AD during the horns / heads / hunting trophies, because not every day you will meet them in the bathroom. If I got such an interior, I would change the screen to flax and Karelian birch, and a couple of frames would also make a honey-yellow tree. Well, a mirror over the sink would add, in the Home concept I saw such - small, three-leaved, type of dressing table.

3. Traveler's bathroom

Be alone with yourself and dreams of a newTravel - that's what criteria should meet the bathroom amateur adventure. The world map and mirrors in the frame of the portholes from the ship make this interior highly specific and individual.

4. Narochito white

Perfect white for the place where it usually startsAnd the day ends. It does not matter what it was like - nothing irritates in such a bathroom, but only calms it. And you can have time to chat with your loved ones in the morning, washing around, or gaily sprinkle each other with water.

5. The very calmness

A bright bathroom with a window overlooking the garden,Or with a view of the forest and mountains. Here everything is warm, there is not a single glossy cold tile, just a painted tree. A convenient shelf allows you to arrange oils, flowers, candles and stones for massage.

6. Bathroom-alcove

An example of a brilliant architectural solution for uniting a bathroom and a bedroom. In this space you can feel safe and comfortable, but at the same time it's free. Nelli Konstantinova, journalist: - The bathroom is often combined with the bedrooms, and it always seems to me terribly cool to sit naked in the middle of a huge room (a couple of times I tried, and really, it's cold and uncomfortable). That's why I liked this story so much: bathroom-alcove. All communications are removed to the wall, which, thanks to this, has created another level of comfort - a shelf where you can put everything, including a phone and a computer. If I got such an interior, I would add one more level of comfort: from the inside of the arch would hang heavy curtains of one of the shades of the carpet that we see in the foreground - the colors of olives, plums or salmon. And maybe there they are, we just do not see them for the time being.

7. The Orangery

It's no secret that many houseplants,Especially tropical origin, like heat and humidity. It is logical that in the bathroom they will be very comfortable, but not everyone dares to arrange a greenhouse in the bathroom. But in vain. Look such improvised jungle adorably.

8. How are kings

Arrange yourself royal reception in the bathroom - whyWould not. In this interior everything speaks of luxury, but not screaming, but noble. An antique mirror, a refined form of bathtubs, refined lamps and a bright modern couch - everything tends to an aristocratic mood.

9. Bungalow of the discoverer

This room can be identified in the summer garden. And take a cool bath in the hot evenings, lighting candles and inhaling the spicy aroma of the day.

10. A small gallery

Non-standard reception of the bathroom decor - placement of family photos. This method can be used

11. In the era of narcissism

The bathroom is a secret shelter in a house whereYou can stay alone, where you do not have to pretend and you can look at yourself honestly and with love. A large mirror, installed not for the convenience of the morning toilet, but in order to spend long minutes with you. Flowers are very welcome, a bouquet is a great way to admit to loving yourself again. Nelli Konstantinova, journalist: - This is the "my" of all the bathrooms, but I did not "wash it" for it, but for the idea of ​​a huge mirror behind the bathroom. Above the bathroom I saw many times, and myself hung pieces of ten mirrors half a century ago from the commission, so as not to pity water on them; Next to the bathroom I saw often - but I did not see that. I always love the wooden floor in the bathrooms more than the finest tile. There is no greater pleasure than slapping bare feet on a living tree. If I got such an interior, I would add negligence, modernity and life: I would fold the books in a pile under a chair and on a chair, and put a pair of loofah loofons in a gilded frame. I would have a computer nearby - where without it. I would hang a bronze Moroccan ball for incense under a chandelier. And that's all.

12. For the modern princess

This bathroom looks as ifIt is intended for an intellectual with a taste, an independent view of the world, but at the same time feminine and capable of succumbing to a romantic mood. In confirmation - flowers and a woven carpet, a mirror in an incredible frame of window frames.

13. In the spirit of Paris

The bathrooms feature good French films. The light from the balcony door fills the space, in the corner the chest of drawers hid. An ancient wooden floor gives the interior a drama and depth.

14. Enjoy the moment

A surprising example of how to make the most commonRoom magic. Here everything is as simple as it can be. This is the bathroom in the old apartment. Magic here "makes" a fresco and flower arrangement on the ceiling.

15. The gallery room

Incredible height of the ceiling and window and so doneWould this room be terrific. But the idea to hang pictures as in the gallery halls is truly a godsend. A chair, a chest of drawers and textile curtains create a cozy and homely, comfortable environment.