Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

5 things that Mary learned by living in a small apartment

Do you have a too small apartment? I bet that our heroine of today is even less? Do you think this is impossible? Eight meters. This apartment is only 8 meters. And there is everything in it. In addition to the bathroom I wonder what it's like to live in an eight-meter apartment in one of the most expensive areas of New York and pay for renting almost $ 1,000 a month. Mary Helen Rowell responds toThis issue has been two years. Mary admits that during this time she became an expert in the transformation of even the tiniest of rooms into comfortable living spaces. The width of her apartment does not exceed two meters,There are no cabinets, only a few built-in storage systems, water pipes converted into hangers, and the landlady also shares a bathroom with a neighbor on the site. Mary admits that life in such straitened circumstances made her reconsider her ideas about the priorities of comfort. The mistress of one of the tiniest apartments that we saw, shared five main ideas that help her overcome all the hardships of life at 8 meters and at the same time, strangely enough, feel like a full-fledged person.

1. Work undercover

In small flats not always there is an opportunityHide the unusable trifles behind the closet doors, so Mary recommends that you hide the wires, tools, papers and folds behind the piles of books, a collection of CDs and art objects (if, of course, there is room for them).

2. Organizational marathon

Some books that help bring life to lifeOrder, gave Mary the advice "to solve one problem at a time". However, in reality, this meant only one thing - shortcomings. A huge number of things that were waiting for their turn to reorganize, did not give Mary rest, neither day nor night. There was only one way out: to develop an all-season schedule for parsing things. Each such a multi-hour marathon included making difficult decisions, like getting rid of "out of fashion", "lazy", "served their own" and just "extra things". Say goodbye is hard, but in conditions of acute shortage of free space, it is absolutely necessary.

3. By the way, about the farewell

Mary advises to repeat this word more often. Want to live comfortably in the "box", learn how to sacrifice the past. Empty photo albums, useless gifts, old and no longer relevant collections, monstrous retro like VHS-cassettes with graduation and the like, just put up with the rubbish.

4. Understand yourself!

Exit from the comfort zone, where everything is always yoursRules, even if they do not do you good - the best way to change for the better. Change is always difficult, but if the future of your home depends on them and the comfort of living in it, the efforts will surely pay off. For example, this cute habit of throwing things on a bed or hanging them with all stably standing objects, does it somehow help you live, feel better? No. It's just a bad habit, instead of which it is possible to develop a new - always put things back where they were taken, and even wash the dishes after meals, clean up at the same time and never leave unattended appliances included.

5. Live consciously!

According to Mary, this call is simply bound to findA response in the heart of any owner of minimalist space. And the main thing here is not to limit yourself to pleasant trifles, but to report to all actions and to consider each acquisition first of all in terms of expediency. And, of course, enjoy life while there is such an opportunity.