Selective guide

25 kitchen gadgets that cheer up


Positive attitude during a culinary lesson -a pledge to create delicious and beautiful dishes. We have prepared an interesting selection of funny and useful kitchen appliances, with which it is more fun to prepare. Everyone knows that a good mood contributes to creativity, including culinary. So, when you look at these unusual and fun devices for the kitchen, your mouth involuntarily stretches out in a smile, the mood rises and there is a desire to try them in the business. In other words, if you are in search of inspiration to create another culinary masterpiece, or just want to amuse the guests during a festive party, in our selection of the most original kitchen accessories you will surely find what you were looking for.

1. The ladle of "Nessie"

Charming Loch Ness monster can perform two functions at once: helping you to pour soup on a plate and serve as a decorative accessory.

2. Forms for boiled eggs

These simple devices will definitely help make your children's breakfast more fun.

3. Holders for the cover "Little People"

A fun and useful tool that will not allow your soup to "escape" from the pan.

4. Toaster Reanimator

Discharge! Another discharge! Everything - you can have breakfast.

5. Nippers for ice "Mittens"

But what else? The ice is cold!

6. Original salad spoons

And whose feet are they sticking out of a bowl? Ah, these are spoons ...

7. Salt and pepper shakers "Magic sticks"

And now you will wave this magic wand, and buckwheat porridge will turn ... into a shrimp cocktail!

8. Holder for toothpicks "Hedgehog"

A nice and comfortable little thing that will not go unnoticed by guests of your cocktail party.

9. Spaghetti Dispenser

A fun and effective way to calculate how much spaghetti you need to cook for each of the family members.

10. Panda Toast Form

A charming device that will make your day.

11. Form for cakes "Tolstyachok"

A clear hint for those who are dieting, but are going to treat themselves to baking.

12. Cutting board "Blood puddle"

Especially for connoisseurs of black humor.

13. Knife holder "Spartanets"

The main thing is to keep away from children.

14. Form for ice "Brain"

Brains too much does not happen!

15. Tea strainer "Shark fin"

With it, the process of brewing tea will turn into a fascinating spectacle.

16. Tea strainer "Lazy little man"

And let the whole world wait!

17. Funny stand under the pan

Agree, it is impossible not to smile!

18. Cannon for making popcorn

Children will be delighted!

19. Cover for pan "Steamer"

And I want to say: that-that!

20. Stand for toothpicks "Cactus"

An original decorative accessory, which will add zeal to the interior of the kitchen.

21. The grater "Hedgehog"

Even such a banal subject as a grater can have an original design.

22. Figured rolling pin

Now baking curly cookies will become much easier.

23. Dinosaur Spaghetti Spoon

It is incomparably more convenient than usual forks and spoons. And besides, it's much prettier.

24. Stand for the knife "Shark"

A stylish accessory for those who are looking for a design, even in small things.

25. Brush for inflating soap bubbles

It's time to wash the dishes. Even this occupation will be fun, if you remember childhood and inflate a few soap bubbles.