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5 Reasons Why a Glass Table Should Stand in a Small Room -


In your interior there is a small space,which is vital to the table? Choose glass, it has a lot of advantages over standard wooden, and the most interesting - it is almost invisible in the interior

In a small space with limited footagea table, be it dining, coffee or coffee, is one of the main and obvious reasons for cluttering up the space. There are several ways to solve the problem, but most of it involves the rejection of full-fledged tables and the acquisition of various transformer items. But there is another way - mimicry. Glass tables easily fit into any space and are almost invisible at the same time. 1. Versatility

Glass - a universal material, suitabledecisively for all styles. Of course, you'll have to find a model that matches the given conditions, but it's not so difficult to do it. In addition, modern minimalist models of coffee tables can be quite appropriate, even in a classical environment. 2. "Light source"

Glass tables pass and at the same timereflect light. Due to this quality, glass furniture can be safely attributed to the sources of additional lighting. Of course, if the work is basic. 3. Transparency

A piece of furniture through which you can seeother elements of the interior, a priori can not "interfere". If to such an object, in our case - to the glass table, to add plastic chairs, Ghost for example, one can know the whole charm of the presence in the interior of the invisible dining room. 4. Ease of perception

In a room with a lot of straight lines andacute angles from the point of view of the psychology of the perception of space to be quite difficult. Thanks to the already mentioned "transparency" to soften such an interior glass table will help, the effect will multiply, if you choose a model with rounded corners. 5. The economy

To clean glass surfaces, special means and, as a result, additional financial expenses will not be needed.