Why Italian style is so popular: 5 main reasons


In any furniture store you are immediately drawn to the fact,What is done in Italy? Attracting its beauty and chic Italian style was, is and will be one of the most beloved in the whole world. What is its popularity? Read about this in our article Luxury and comfort, beauty and coziness, ecology and temperament - all this absorbed a refined Italian style. In fact, in fact, lies its dizzying success, we now consider. The main reasons are 5.

1. Natural materials

The finishing uses only naturalMaterials. Expensive wooden furniture with curved legs, marble stone floors, exquisite terracotta tiles and ornate metal forging are indispensable attributes of the Italian house. The light ceiling is often supported by beams of dark wood.

2. Luxury and elegance

Italian design is chic and sleek.Materials of excellent quality emphasize the status of the owner, and the elegance of the interior is never modest, it is catchy, like a panther, and to some it may seem too harsh. But it is simply impossible to pass by her, remaining indifferent. Frescoes and stucco moldings, crystal chandeliers made of Murano glass are the heritage of Florentine craftsmen, which is still used all over the world to this day.

3. Warm, homely atmosphere

Italian style is associated with hotCountries and sunny summer. Despite all its luxury, Mediterranean motifs bring home comfort. This is directly related to the warm color scheme (namely with sand-terracotta shades) and with the famous hospitality of the Italians. Handmade items, ceramics and fireplaces decorated with mosaic, will create a truly family idyll.

4. Gold items

The abode of this Italian will always beAbound with gilding. It can be mirror frames, inlaid inserts in furniture, door handles and other accessories, which in any case will look spectacular and expensive.

5. Maximum comfort

Full facilities are achieved byThinking of everything down to trifles. The bed should be wide and comfortable, with a banquet at the footboard and small bedside tables. The sofa is always with a bunch of pillows so that you can drown in them after a hard day. The chair is often located near the fireplace, plaid - at hand. Italian style in the interior is not created forto show off in front of someone, but for the comfort and carefree life of each family member.,,