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7 good reasons for using white in the interior: from space expansion to economy


White is a safe bet for anyapartments. Do you disagree with this statement? We are ready to reveal all the secrets and tell about all the advantages of this noble color, as well as what designers think about this. It is impossible not to agree with the statement that white is truly a royal color. There is so much lightness and serenity, perfection, bewitching beauty in it ... Many people associate white with nobility and luxury, but not everyone is in a hurry to add it to their apartment, citing the impracticality of such a solution. There are many reasons why you shouldn't be afraid to use white in your interior - here are just some of its benefits.

1. Visually expands the space

It is difficult to overestimate the importance and indispensabilityWhite shades for small-sized rooms. This is the same wand, the proceeds, to which designers turn first, when you need to visually enlarge the room, make it more light and spacious. Want to significantly push the boundaries of the premises - safely take on arms white color.

2. Is an interior catalyst

While white is the ideal basis for anyDecor, it is able to act as an interior catalyst. That is, all the colors and objects present on its background begin to look even more vivid, expressively, effectively and even more voluminously. He is able to strengthen and emphasize forms, attract attention to detail, it is profitable to present everything that your interior is full of. Against the background of the white color, nothing is "lost", but only profitably stand out.

3. Has many shades

Speaking of white, we should not forget aboutAll its versatility, because it has an incredible number of shades. Stop your choice on what will impress you the most: ivory, melted milk, eggshell, pearl, linseed, creamy, cream ... you can enumerate indefinitely. So playing with different white shades, you will get an interior that will never be boring, it will acquire sophistication and uniqueness. Design studio "Your designer":- Perfectly combined with any other shade, fresh and sophisticated white is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after among designers. Any room decorated in light colors with a predominance of white will look more spacious and freer. The combination of different textures and materials in white will help create a dynamic and cheerful interior. However, despite the many advantages of white, many of our customers are afraid to use white in the decoration of the apartment, preferring sand and gray tones. White is considered the most impractical and easily soiled color, and busy people argue that they simply do not have enough time to maintain order. But this opinion is largely mistaken: for example, black glossy kitchens require much more attention than white ones. A fabric sofa in a beige shade will be more easily soiled than a snow-white leather one. That is, in the end, a lot depends on the chosen material and style in general. When choosing white, you should opt for smooth surfaces and minimalist furniture models in order to facilitate and speed up cleaning. For wall decoration, you need to choose washable surfaces (paints, wallpaper). Ditching snow-white carpets and white tile grout (which is really not the most practical solution), you can create a functional and comfortable white interior.

4. Makes the space lighter

In addition to the fact that the white color scheme erasesborders, visually expanding the space, it also significantly increases the illumination of the room. This is due to its ability to reflect light. If your apartment has white walls, you can consider that an additional source of lighting is being added to the room. Such an interesting "lighting" feature of the white color will become especially indispensable for you in the autumn-winter period, when there is so little sunlight for a great mood.

5. Out of fashion and time

White color does not cease to be relevant,Look through at least fashionable interior publications and on their pages you will find not one stylish interior in white execution. Its versatility continues to attract the attention of designers and gives them unlimited space for creativity.

6. Suitable for any style

White color matches any interior style,this is a real "universal soldier" who is able to cope with even the most impossible task. It is very difficult to imagine the Scandinavian style without his intervention, white is an integral part of it. However, it will look no less appropriate in minimalism, eclecticism or luxurious neoclassicism. The beauty of a white interior is that it can be completely different in character: laconic, elegant, calm, pompous, strict, frivolous - whatever you want to see it.

White is always cheaper

This argument may seem ridiculous to some,but in fact, if you are decorating a 150-meter house, the difference in the cost of paint for walls and doors between the white and color options will be at least a thousand dollars. Since everything that is colored needs tinting or just initially costs more than white. As for textiles and furniture, the same rule almost always applies here: white is considered the base color, so it is cheaper. The savings for the entire home, including the costs of furniture, fixtures, doors, textiles and plumbing, can be incredibly large.

Councils for the use of white in the interior of the designer Natalia Masharskaya:

one.If you have low ceilings and a small footage, then white is your option. Walls and ceilings, painted white, will add lightness and airiness to the room, and the dark floor will create a solid ground under your feet. 2. Adding accessories of golden color to the white interior will give it a halo of aristocracy and sophistication. 3. Lighting in a white interior affects the environment much brighter than any other. With the help of decorative colored lighting, you can change the atmosphere of the interior in a matter of seconds - from exciting to relaxing. The main thing in this case is to provide for the main lighting in a neutral color. 4. An interior with furniture, completely different in style and color, can be easily combined into one composition using white covers. 5. The solemnity and severity of the interior will be given by a contrasting combination of white with deep dark, almost black colors. 6. White is in perfect harmony with natural materials and living plants. This combination will give the house a cozy and warm atmosphere, and the interior - a special nobility.,