Competition for designers: development of a figurine of the award MCFO Awards


The organizers of the MCFO Awards 2016 "For the bestoffice ”are already waiting for applications for participation. In addition, they organized a competition within the competition, which will be of interest to designers. We have already written about. But this applies directly to offices and companies. Now the organizers invite designers, sculptors or just creative people with ideas to participate in a competition directly related to the award. It is necessary to develop the design of the statuette, which will be in the hands of the winner of the MCFO Awards 2016. Deadline - 15 August. Organizers of the competition will realize the bestProject, the application for which will be sent through the site of the award until August 1, 2016. The winner of the contest will be determined by an authoritative jury, which included leading experts of the market:

  • Irina Ruleva, a member of the managing committee of the association MCFO, the company "Trinova";
  • Anastasia Kamenskaya, General Director of the Artcor Company;
  • Elena Kosorenkova, Head of the National Agency for Architecture and Urban Planning;
  • Amir Idiatulin, CEO and founder of the architectural studio IND Architects;
  • Denis Lobanov, chief architect and founder of the Officeproject architectural bureau;
  • Ilya Petrov, chief architect and founder of the Azzirium architectural bureau;
  • Kasym Narbaev, designer jeweler and founder of Vespucci;
  • Olga Alexakova, a partner of Buromoscow company, a teacher of the MARS architectural school;
  • Alexander Zmeul, editor-in-chief of the online edition of Archspeech.

On July 19, an installation seminar will be held onProduction of the company "ArtCor", which together with Dupont became the sponsor of the contest. There will be given all the necessary technical characteristics. The portal is an informational partner of the event.